8 Reasons why missionary sex is still a favourite!

kissAn inclination towards the Classic missionary sex doesn’t make you all the way boring. The good old missionary has a lot to offer despite being condemned by staunch feminists to be an act of perpetuation of the male domination over the female body. That, it gives the much needed boost to a man’s ego.

Frankly, right before he wants me to jump to an exciting new pose, I beg for the missionary. Not only does it get penetration from crazy angles easier, it gives me the content that I will not remain dissatisfied even if I do not get to climax later. Selfish, I know. Considering the fact that I am overzealous about sex, it might be quite a shocker that I find missionary to be my favourite sex position. Now, this does not in any way prove that I am an absolute lazy bum when it comes to having fun in the bedroom. Period.



A lot of you will agree that missionary allows you to have a full view of your man’s body. That sight of him sweating and panting is steamy and nonetheless, sexy!



Why will missionary always remain my favorite?

We can kiss, lick each other off and have better control over each others’ bodies. At times, feeling the weight of his body over me is amusing.



I feel the need to see his expressions. Looking into his eyes gets me more connected and passionate. What makes him feel good runs constantly through my mind. And that f****** pretty smile in between those thrusts are so gratifying. O Lord! I could give away my life just to see him enjoy each moment.



Look, I do not feel shy in admitting that at times giving rest to my back is much need after those extremely difficult positions that give me a back ache. (Although, he calms every inch of me after the act!)



Having an orgasm feels like the most difficult thing to achieve. The doggy and the cowgirl feel good but they make it difficult for me to come. Now let’s be honest, cowgirl gets the s*** out of you right after a few seconds. Those muscles begin to ache no matter how fit you are! I remember how controlling he gets when he constantly wants me to double up my pace. Dude, sorry, I give up!



Why will missionary always remain my favorite?

I need monitor my rhythm and also multi-task. The missionary relieves you off that pressure and lets your man take all the responsibility. Isn’t that quite fair enough? (Given the s*** we have to endure outside! LOL!) All the more, it gets me more conscious of my body (Thanks to the high beauty standards that porn sets, duh!).



Missionary also gives me the liberty to access my hotspots. Not only do I enjoy him enter me deep, I can also masturbate. Huh, that is definitely, REWARDING.



Visually, it might not look too exciting for everyone, but who says you just need to keep it plain and simple all the time. Go ahead. Enjoy chocolate or cream slathered all over each others’ bodies body if that is what excites you while you are playing the game. You can definitely be all the more adventurous. Try blind folds if that adds flavour. Savour all the pleasure. Be duty bound but self-absorbed too. An added benefit, you get to spank his a**, grab it and push him deeper into yourself. Now, does that sound any less active?

P.S. I do not lie calm staring at blank walls and monitor the fan over me move. No, I do not contemplate over the speed at which the fan is moving while waiting for my man to finish. Look, that’s hilarious and not certainly gratifying! I am an overactive personality in bed. Go, ask my man.


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