Why you should try yoga!


For people who are fishing stress-buster and fitness techniques, try yoga! From mental and physical balance to a fit and healthy life, yoga rescues you from every ailment. Yoga is about pushing past your body’s limits over time. Consistent and progressive yoga can sharpen the focussing power of your brain. Studies show that performing short sessions of yoga everyday will help your brain work better and faster. Don’t worry if you are a beginner. With time and consistent practice, you will master your body as well as your mind. I’m going to share with you five important reasons why you should practice yoga.



Who doesn’t wants to be positive? To stay peaceful and happy, you need to be positive. Yoga does just that! It shapes your outlook on life, enabling you to live serenely. A life of love and peace. You will feel connected to the divine. It strips away all your worries. And yoga opens it’s heart for people of all sizes and age groups.


It helps you breathe and sleep better

Pranayama- a breathing exercise does not only improves your oxygenation but also makes you feel better. Practicing pranayama is a good stress management technique. Talking about a good sleep, many of us are insomniacs. Performing a few physical exercise before going to bed gives you a sound sleep. Most yoga sessions have a cool down sequence at the end, which can actually make you drift into slumber.


It gives you mental fitness.

Why you should try yoga!

A mind free from all disturbances is yoga. Yoga helps soothe the mind and reduces stress levels. Your mind becomes free from depressions and headaches. Your concentration power is boosted. The balance and stability of your body improves. Yoga helps you access your strengths allowing you to face day to day challenges, fears, frustration and anxiety.


It keeps you fit! 

Stretch, bend, breathe, relax. Yoga keeps you perfectly fit and fine. It is only after you practice yoga, you realize how flexible your body is! It keeps you charged with energy even in the most distressed times. It relaxes you and makes you aware of your body postures. The precise (postures) of yoga work profoundly upon the body, causing blood to circulate deeply rather than just around the periphery of the body, nourishing every organ and softening the muscle and ligament tissue.


It synchronizes  your mind and body 

Yoga, as we know it is the unification of the mind, the body and the soul. Since we concentrate on breathing habits and postures, the continuous flow of thoughts running in our mind, takes a back seat. We start focussing on the present. This brings the mind and the body in harmony. Yoga can help you to feel more stable and rooted in the here and now.

If you haven’t started practicing this decades old exercise, there is no time better than now. Whenever, however and wherever you are, yoga does  not pose boundaries on you. You can practice it as and when you want!


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