How to win your ex- boyfriend back?

How to win your ex boyfriend back!

Getting into a relationship is always easy but stepping out of it is damn difficult. In the beginning, you make promises, you picture a future together, you make amends, you forgive the past, you look forward to happiness. But then what happens? Life gets in the way. Promises are broken, questions of infidelity arises, there is hate and stress and it is over in the blink of an eye. It never ends the way it started. You don’t get a chance to sit together and say goodbye. It ends and it takes a few days after you realize it is really over.

You find it hard to let go. Memories pull you back and you miss the times you were with your boyfriend. But you worry if getting back will he the best thing for you if you are ready to give your boyfriend another bullet to shoot you. When in doubt :

  • Be patient

Don’t simply dial your boyfriend’s number and tell him you’re ready to hook up again. Ask yourself; are you ready? Is it worth trying? What benefits you will gain? What if he breaks your trust again? Is he serious with you? Think about it. Give it time. You don’t want to repeat history and go through it once again.

  • Don’t beg

If you think calling and texting your ex thousands of times in a day is going to show your love, you are wrong. It is going to make you look like a fool. Begging and pleading with your boyfriend will show him your vulnerability. It will show him how desperate and needy you are. As said earlier, be patient. Let the reality sink in you. Try not contacting him at all.

  • Know when it’s time to let go

How to win your ex boyfriend back!

If your partner is willing to talk to you, you have stroke your luck. But if he treats you like he used to and does not respect you, it’s time you find someone better to love you. It’s time to let go. Holding on to a broken mirror will only cut through you and cause you pain. Mop it off in one go.

  • Have a two-sided communication

After you have given yourself time and your instinct wants you to get back with your ex, ask him if he is ready to meet you and discuss. Talk it out. Apologize if you treated him poorly. Have an open communication and avoid curse statements that will lead to further resentments and hatred. Don’t pile all the blame on him. Take initiative. Be brave enough to accept your sins. If he is not willing to talk it out, break all contacts.

  • Have a no contact period

If your boyfriend has cut you off from his life and started dating, don’t freak out. Be mature enough to accept. Have a no contact period of 30 days. If he calls or texts you during this period, don’t answer. Give yourself time. Will he miss you? Yes, if you were in a serious relationship. No, if you were a fling. Both your ex and you need time to understand where your life is heading. If he loved you honestly, he will not be dating and will contact you sure enough. After your no contact period is over, send him a text message or, even powerful will be a hand-written letter. It will surprise him and excite him. However, don’t text him about your feelings and getting back. Make an easy going conversation such as ‘Hey, I watched this romantic movie last week with my friend. It reminded me of the time we were together.’

  • Go out

Do not ask him out on a date. If he is replying to your messages positively, don’t desperately pour all your feelings out. Show him you are happy and positive. Call him to ask if he would like to join you over lunch or coffee or whatever. Don’t particularly tell him that you are asking him out on a date. Go step by step, remember the way you started your relationship? How slow, easy going and fun it was? Keep it that way. You are on your path to win your ex back. Don’t talk about past events and problems. Look for a new beginning. Everything will fall into place.