Winter tips for women


Winter is here! The season of brewing hot coffee, spicy food and peppy soups. We love decking up ourselves with fashionable jackets and pretty sweatshirts. But our body has to reset its mechanism and tune itself into the new season. Especially the largest part of our body, the skin undergoes a significant change. It tends to dry out or becomes flaky in some.

Here are some winter tips for women :

  1. Always keep your lip balm handy. Select lip balms that include jojoba oil or cocoa butter as ingredients. Chap it on your lips to protect them from drying out and keep them glossy.
  2. Massage your body with mustard oil or coconut oil after you take a hot shower. This will not only provide essential nutrition to your skin but will keep it soft and supple. Do not forget to take a quick shower after applying oil to avoid stickiness.
  3. The skin on our back of your palms and feet is very thin. Use petroleum jelly to moisturize them. Massage nicely and keep them covered with socks and gloves when you move out.
  4. Have heard of the extra ordinary benefits of virgin coconut oil? Yes, it is a magic potion. You can use it as a light weight moisturiser for your face that will both nourish your skin and even out your skin tone.
  5. For healthy and glowing locks this winter, you must surrender to the wonders of olive oil. Heat olive oil on low heat for a minute. Apply this warm oil and massage thoroughly and wash off next morning followed by conditioner.
  6. Soak your feet in lukewarm water for around 10 min. Rub the dead skin off on your heels with pumice stone. Apply some home made ghee after that on your cracked heels. Do this, 20 min before you are off to bed.
  7. Woollens cause our body to sweat sometimes. To avoid the foul smell through your intimates, use a mixture of lemon and rose water. Mix 2 drops of lemon in one spoon rose water and dab some bottom into it. Cleanse your armpits with the mixture and then wear clothes. This will help your body from sweating because of woollens.
  8. Nails tend to turn brittle in some people in winter season. Massage your nails with olive oil and rub nicely to helm then retain their glow and shine.
  9. Never under estimate your other body parts especially body parts like hips and elbows . They tend to be ignored and turn flaky. Just moisturize them with any regular moisturizer nicely and keep your skin heathy, thereby maintaining it’s quality.
  10. Last but not the least, it’s winters , it’s cloudy but the sun is always at work. Cover yourself with SPF to guard it from harmful sunrays that are always present around you in daytime! Even when the sun isn’t scorching or sky high smiling at you.

To sum up , winter is awesome for you! But calls out for a little hardwork and effort to be put into your body care. Just follow a healthy skin regime and you will see how winters turn into pure bliss!


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