Women run the world!

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Are we proud of being a woman? Yes we are!

Throughout centuries the world has been seeing us as the weaker sex, the dependant one, but if we analyse well, it’s us, women who run this world. Times are changing, therefore perspective should change too. It may take some time, but in the near future we will earn equal or more respect than the opposite gender! Women, the multi-tasker, the birth giver and the one gender who will continue to run this world.

Usually we don’t realise how much effort a woman provides to the society especially mothers, how they are full time workers with no wages. In this article we will talk about the several aspects which definitely all women should be proud of.

Here are five points showing that women run this world!

The Y chromosomes

Yes, we the Y chromosomes. The world starts by us, as without a womb and Y chromosome there would be no humans on this earth. Women should be respected even if you are a small girl or an elder age one, we contribute to the future of this world, as without women there would be no future.

The historic rulers

Yes! We do have women rulers who made history. Few examples are Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth 1, Cleopatra and Joan Arc. These few names have definitely brought a change in the world. They have not only earned respect despite being from the ancient times, but they have also set an example that women are no less. Those women even if they were less in number they have definitely achieved big ranks, they were respected, they governed and inspired people.

Women are hard workers.

Despite the gender inequality, women have also proved that they are hard workers. Women do also work hard, they not only manage offices or their professional life but they are also the prime reason why family life still exists. There are also cases today, where a women salary is much higher than men. Women are also achieving higher post and better ones than men. Women also form part of the industrial revolution. In many families women are the sole earner and therefore rule the house. So, women should never feel discourage, keep moving forward, keep pursuing to do better.

Writing women

Yes, we women have also brought a change in this world through writing. Some of the famous examples are female authors who wrote the famous Harry Potter series, Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey. Those stories written by women have casted a spell on the entire world. In every country, children are big fans of the Harry Potter series.

Women are being more educated.

Time is changing, so nowadays more and more women are graduating from colleges, form universities around the world. Education is not only for the male gender, but also for us. Another plus point is that women are outstanding men even in studies. According to scientific studies, females do achieve better grades and are better learners. Therefore we should all be proud, and must be keener to move forward, keep achieving till you can.

Niharika Essoo

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Being of Indian origin but settled in Mauritius, Niharika chose to study and live in India, because since childhood, the country fascinated her. Traveling and Journalism are her big hobbies and helped her to grow as a human being, to combat her fears and her anguish. Therefore, Niharika says, she want to use the platform WomenNow to send a message to the world, to help people through words.