Women are women’s worst enemies!

Women are women's worst enemies!

A woman is woman’s worst enemy – Isn’t that how the saying goes? But should that be so? Females are known for being easily irritable, and hurtful in their remarks. But this behaviour should be done away with.


  • Bad- mouthing each other:

Women are women's worst enemies!

When women have fights or arguments, they verbally attack one another. They lose control of their tongues and say mean, upsetting things to the person they have had disagreements with.

Just because you dislike somebody for your personal reasons, does not mean you will verbally assault them saying mean, hurtful things such as, ‘Sl*t’, ‘Ugly b*tch’, or anything.

If you only have a bag full of offensive things to say, then you need not to say at all.

Just remember, ‘What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than Sally.’


  • Gossiping:

I’ve seen best of friends rip each other apart in their absence, let alone the other women you so disgustingly talk about.

Really, women? That is your only source of entertainment, isn’t it? Probably the girl’s life you are so busy discussing does not even acknowledge your existence. You should be too busy living your own life, minding your own business, involved in your own affairs to be talking behind other women’s backs. You’re giving them attention and publicizing their happening lives when you are doing so.

So go on and talk behind her back. She’s absolutely enjoying all the attention you’re giving her.


  • Comparisons and competition:

Women are women's worst enemies!

Women are constantly trying to be at par with one another. They are almost always comparing themselves with other women.
I’ve always noticed, that women are too busy giving me glares rather than noticing my boyfriend (who is probably busy ogling at her).
Women need to stop trying to compete with one another, trying to pull each other down to succeed alone instead of helping each other. You have your own strengths and flaws, and she has hers. So stop this habit of undermining yourself when you see a pretty girl walk by.
You both were made for different reasons.


  • Glower:

Women are women's worst enemies!

And stop glowering at one another. Men don’t glare at each other like tigers about to fight. Why do you find it necessary to always give dirty looks to females that make you feel insecure? It’s not their problem that you think they have better legs or are wearing a dress too short.
You talk about feminism and bringing about change. You say, we can dress however we want to, we can do anything that brings joy to us, irrespective of the opinions of the society. Then why is it that the very lot of you who speak about change judge other women, talk about and look disgustingly at them?

Grow up, women. Unless all of you come together and join hands, you can forget about making a difference to the nation. Stop being each other’s worst enemies. Love, respect and assist one other.
Be the beautiful person you are meant to be.

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