WomenNow in conversation with The Diary On The Fifth Floor Author Raisha Lalwani

What is your inspiration to write this book?

Our family
Our Friends
Our neighbours
We all have stories…
But when people begin to tell their story, Nobody listens.
And it made me wonder what if no one ever heard these stories ? Where would they go?
That’s when I decided to find shelter for these homeless stories.

The Diary on the Fifth Floor is not just a story about a girl dealing with her issues. This book is about our society and how we are all going through similar experiences. The book is about the lack of emotions in our everyday interactions.


What kind of research did you do and how much time did you devote for your research?

My book is based on true incidents. So all of the short stories came from the source.The research only began when I decided to use Psychiatry as a tool to create the plot.I did visit a shrink once to pick up the vibe of the place before I could start writing about it.

Did you follow any writers work?

No, I didn’t follow anyone’s work. Infact I stopped reading books altogether while I was writing mine for the same reason that I didn’t want my writing or thought process to be influenced by somebody else’s.

I think getting a Masters’ degree does that to you… you don’t want to be accused of Plagiarism !


Raisha Lalwani

You are readers writer or you try to be as original as possible and stick to what’s their in your mind?

Well, had I been a reader’s writer I would’ve chosen a fancier subject may be.

The Diary on The Fifth Floor is heartfelt and was written with the sole purpose of sending across a message, a question to be precise which needed to be sent out.


What suggestion you want to give to aspiring writers?

Like I said, the reason I could connect to the readers was because I had poured my heart into my work. So as long as you write what you feel, it will fall in the right place at the right time!

What suggestions would you give to your writing self.

There’s only one suggestion I’d like to give myself is to give more time to my writing so that it doesn’t take me 3 years to come up with my Next Book 🙂

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