Womennow in conversation with Shradha Singh, the Author of ‘The Guilt Pass’…

Shradha is a Radio professional, lyricist and a writer based out of Mumbai. She currently works as Programming Head of Ishq 104.8, India’s first Romantic Radio Station. Follow her on twitter and Instagram @missgypsyfeet and on https://www.facebook.com/ShradhaSinghOfficial/


Womennow had the oppotunity to interview Shradha Singh, the author of, The Guilt Pass.

  1. Sex is what tells the tale in an erotica. What inspired you to write one?

I clearly remember when my mother gave me the code of conduct of a ‘Good Girl’. A good girl should never go to a Mutton shop, Corner Cigarette shop and not to get Mills and Boons from school library. I made sure that I did all three. I have always been a woman of extreme. There is nothing in between.

I grew up in a woman dominated house. My house was self contradictory! One side I had my Mom and Aunts who were not mere housewives, were bread earners, decision makers and on the other side they wanted to reaffirm that their freedom is not misinterpreted by the society.  I was a rebel getting raised in a confused environment which encouraged me to take charge of things but discouraged me to be an outlaw.

Growing up reading Mills and Boon love stories covered under my HC Verma physics book, tells about the double standards of the society we live in.

I secretly desired to not just write one but desired to see women reading erotica openly with pleasure. Why should women be shy of writing and reading about sex? Why consuming erotica should be sinful anymore?

It is very important for women to pen down their fantasies. Till the time it will be written by men, it will have an unsatiated appetite for some unattainable beauty or the stink of misogyny.  An erotica written by women will always have a different aroma of sex and liberation.


  1. What kind of research did you do and how much time did you devote for your research?

This is my debut novel, so I was dripping with excitement to write soon! I faced no writer’s block. It took me one year to write the thought and getting it published. Happy that Juggernaut liked my idea and published it.


  1.  Did you follow any writers work?

Again, a contradiction! I am a poet by heart. I binge on the poetry work of Amrita Pritam and Maya Angelou. They navigate you to the world of liberation. I also love Elif Shafak who is a Turkish author.


  1. How is an erotica book being treated in a publishing industry?


Content on sex is consumed privately in abundance but people are still shy of sharing it in the public. If a woman or a man is seen reading an erotica in any public space, he or she will be judged. Publishers are interested in romance not erotica. Sex sells as pulp fiction on railway platforms. With new digital revolution, app books, smart books, kindle etc, Erotica has found a feet again!


  1. Do you agree that writing an erotica is more challenging than other genre?


It’s not only about sex. Trust me, It’s not! I understand that sex is the pivot of the erotica but It is secondary to a good strong story line, plot and characters.


  1. You are readers writer or you try to be as original as possible and stick to what’s their in your mind?

I don’t think it takes it away from you, if you call yourself a Reader’s writer. I am MICA post graduate which is India’s finest school on Brand and Media. Readers are consumers and you are creating a product. You need to customize the product to cater to the consumer. It sounds Business like, but that’s the true picture.


  1. What is the disclaimer you want to give to aspiring writers?

Reading alone doesn’t make you a writer. You need to practice writing to be a writer.


  1. What suggestion you want to give to aspiring writers?


If you have an untold story, you need to tell to the world. Swaddle your head and focus to finish. It is a bit of ‘hard work’ to finish the manuscript, to go back and forth.

You are not a writer, if you are not haunted by an idea. Ideas germinate, grow, die and ferment with you. If you feel that a story is screaming to be told and you have just been neglecting it, It’s important to do justice to the crying baby!


  1. What suggestions would you give to your writing self.


Give some more commitment!


  1. Do you think writing an erotica is like a spiritual practice or a writer’s delight?

Erotica writing is not everyone’s glass of wine. You need to hold it with Elan. You need to enjoy each and every sip to intoxicate your readers with words. Erotica as a genre invites suspension of disbeliefs. You just immerse yourself and the whole act is so spiritual.


Thank you for your time, Shradha. We wish you the best for the book and all your future endevours!