Womennow interviews it’spleaZure!

womennow interviews it'spleaZure


Launched on March 29 2016, it’spleaZure has amazed people and made them take up their cell phones and see if it really exists! Because the thought of introducing a portal that sells all that sexy stuff is unbelievable! When I first heard about it, I could not believe it myself. But I was surprised and excited when my search engine sincerely took me to the home page of it’spleaZure. And that’s the reason why my inquisitiveness got better off me, and I interviewed co-founder of it’spleaZure, Divya Chauhan.

Womennow interviews India's most erotic online store!

  • it’spleaZure is India’s most erotic online store. Can you tell us more about your website?


it’spleaZure is a premium online adult store which aims to provide quality and safe products that can help couples enhance intimacy, love, and romance in their intimate (couple) relationship.


We launched it’spleaZure on January 2016 in alpha mode after a year of research and market study and, of course, lots of meetings with consultants and legal advisors. After three months of alpha beta testing in every aspect, we finally launched it on 29th March 2016. We have a range of sexual wellness and adult products – from sexy lingerie to fun adult games that help in enhancing intimacy; and we are continuously striving to add more categories and variety. Our website is easy to navigate and use, and it’s discreet.


  • What would you recommend for a woman seeking pleasure? 


There are many product options available. But just products are not enough to provide pleasure. Women first need to develop an open and mature mindset towards sex, have a healthy dialogue about it with their partner – find out their partner’s likes and dislikes and share her own. We, as women, have to understand our body’s needs and communicate it to our partner. And lastly, both men and women need to understand that ‘size’ doesn’t matter, attitude towards sex and commitment (of both the partners) to the relationship does. If you start working on these aspects, you will find pleasure in your relationship and with our broad range of products, we’ll help you further enhance and add to that pleasure!


  • “Stay naughty” is your headline- Do you think if couples stop being naughty, they will get bored in bed? How can you help them?


We spent almost two weeks to think about our tagline. The reason we chose ‘Stay Naughty’ as our tag line is to make couples understand that for a healthy and alive relationship, two things are very important viz. an open and healthy conversation about all aspects of the relationship and experimenting with new (safe) things. The easiest way of doing this is by being “Naughty” with each other.


At it’spleaZure We think that adding a little naughty or playfulness to a relationship keeps it young and vibrant. Regular stuff becomes boring after a certain time, and we all know how difficult it is to remain ‘interested’ in the same thing for a long time. We must stop treating sex as a ‘chore’ that is to be ‘done’ every other day or once a week, but think of it as an act that brings two people closer physically, emotionally and mentally. If this act is becoming boring for you, then certainly you need it’spleaZure products to bring some freshness to it and make it interesting again!


  • 40% buyers of your products are women. Do you think there is an improvement for female sexual liberation in India? 


Yes. Women are finally taking charge of their sexual needs and are becoming open to sharing their views and opinions. To ensure that this attitude change does not fizzle out, we need to provide them with an environment that is non-judgmental and safe for them to openly address their concerns and needs.


  • Sex in India remains a taboo. How can it’spleaZure change the mindset of people? 


It’s very strange that sex has become a taboosutra in the land of Kamasutra. Many people in India, have the perception that talking about sex to some extent is similar to talking about porn. This attitude can only be changed with the right education.


It’s not just the kids who need sex education, but adults need it too. Many girls/ladies are comfortable talking about these things with close friends but not with their partners. Same is the case with guys. Why? It is this lack of conversation between partners that’s the main cause of disconnect and discord. And, it’s where we are trying to bring in the change in the society.


At it’spleaZure, we are making an attempt to change the mindset of the people. We are working towards educating people on why it is important to have an open dialogue with their partners about their sexual needs and why it is so important for their relationship to keep experimenting with new things.


  • What are the main challenges you face as a wife and an entrepreneur?


Right now my complete focus is on it’spleaZure and will remain on it till it is operating smoothly. As a wife, with all my present responsibilities, I am not able to spend much time with my hubby. The good part is that he understands me well and is supportive of my work. Candid conversations help!


As an entrepreneur, my biggest and most difficult challenge is to talk to people about sex. They hesitate to speak when they have to talk about ‘it’ with a woman (me). This just doesn’t include my direct target audience but also partners, other entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and the list goes on.


  • What advice would you like to give to women who want to be entrepreneurs? 


“Don’t be afraid to take risks. Be brave and do whatever you believe in”. If you have an idea that you think can change your own life and that of others for the better, then please don’t hesitate to give it a shot – your best shot.


  • What would you like to say to our readers?


Don’t hide your feelings from your partner. The only way to keep your relationship successful is through clear, regular and respectful communication. Believe in yourself and your partner. And, always Stay Naughty! 😉

Check out this amazing website here: https://www.itspleazure.com/