Womennow interviews startup StayUncle

“Couples need a room, not a judgement.”

Womennow interview startup StayUncle
(L to R –Nand Kr. Singh, Blaze Arizanov, SanchitSethi )

I wouldn’t mind calling a start-up ‘awesome’ if it can make 500,000 rupees in a month with no office and no employee. StayUncle had garnered adorations and praise from people all over India. It is a first of its kind online portal that lets unmarried couples rent hotel rooms for 12 hours, straying away social judgement and blackballing public scrutiny. Founded by a team of three, Blaze Arizanov, Nand Kr. Singh and SachitSethi, StayUncle is one of the coolest start-ups in India which is one its way to expansion and massive success.

And this is the reason why we interviewed Blaze Arizanov, co- founder and chief marketing uncle at StayUncleto know the ‘Why and how’ of their start-up.


  • “Couples need a room not a judgement” Can you tell us more about StayUncle ?

StayUncle is couple’s best friend and the only place where unmarried couples can find and book the best secure and safe couple friendly hotels in their location.


  • What does the name “StayUncle” stand for?

Womennow interviews startup StayUncle

Stay implies service related to hospitality. Uncle is the part that makes all the difference. Our logo tells a story. It has a shape of a face a smiling uncle with long mustaches and a big round sanayas type of turban. Uncle is that guy always smiling always cheerful who says don’t worry we’ll figure it out, who always has some nice witty solution for the troubles that bother the young Indians nowadays.


  • Why is it difficult being an unmarried couple in India?

Because couples are subject of various stereotypes and moral policing here in India. Everyone has an opinion on the young couple, everyone has latches their expectations on the younger generation depriving them from the freedom to explore themselves and the universes around them. By everyone we mean third parties too. We were dumbfounded when we found out that hotels, the face of hospitality acts inhospitable by refusing a boy and a girl together in a hotel unless they show marriage certificate. Guests from the same city aka with local ID proof during checkin? Out of question. We witnessed crying stories of our young clients who were refused room in 2 am in the morning condemned to roam in insecure streets. A man a a women, colleagues from work came to the receptionist and the gloomy guy asks them if the girl is a prostitute, she covers her face in embarrassment.. Should I go on?


  • Hotels in India have a very strict policy about single travellers and couples, how did they react to StayUncle?

It is a process of negotiations and relationship building. Then still the majority says no. The ones who agree are the visionary ones. We tell them to wake up otherwise they will keep getting their business stolen by Airbnb because that’s a company driven by community, one which truly delivers hospitality.


  • What inspired you this idea?

The examples that I described above. India is like a home to me and I wanted to solve this out for my people here.


  • Do you think StayUncle could change mentalities also in rural India?

Absolutely. The real change if we can talk of change happens in rural India. Such power brews there that it humbles you. Rural Indians grow into bold men and women brave and willing to clear up with the barriers that held them back yesterday. The young Indians are ready and they are calling for StayUncle. Uncle will respond.


  • What are your opinions on Indian women?

Women are the source of vitality and vigor in one land. We take huge amount of pride every time a women appears as a touch point on behalf of the couple. We want StayUncle to be driven by pure intuitive feminine energy and be powered by the Indian woman all across the land. Indian women must teach us how to be a better version of ourselves. Uncle is listening.


  • What are your future goals?

We are couple’s best friend. We exist for couples. We intend to venture into anything that makes couples happy.


  • It’s amazing how a team of three can do wonders. What tips would you like to share with us?

Embrace the People and sacrifice yourself for them. Let community be your engine of growth. Stand firmly by their side.



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