What does the WOMENNOW SURVEY say: Do you like having sex with your partner?

Being in love isn’t all about sex. But that isn’t to say that it’s not one of the important factors either. There have been many studies on the subject of the link between love in a relationship and the couple’s sexual desire as regards to one another. We held one such poll on our website recently and the results are in. While most have favored having sex with their partners, the difference has been small between the two extremes.So, what does your desire to get intimate with your partner indicate? And, why aren’t you interested in it?



What does the need for Intimacy say?


Humans are creatures of desire. So, while having sex every day is not the only indicator of a happy couple, it sure says a lot about the same. The fact that you desire your partner goes on to show that you are happy in your relationship. Their prowess in bed is a separate issue, but you are still attracted to him and that matters a lot. However, if you are one of those couples that have only sex as their common interest, then I suggest you start looking for more commonalities. After a fashion, sex loses its appeal for many couples. This is when you need to have other things that you both share to keep the passion alive.



But why don’t you want to?

What does the Womennow Survey say: Do you like having sex with your partner?

If you know why you don’t like having sex with your partner, then I assume you would like to start working on the problem. If you don’t know why then here are a few possible reasons. One is that you are losing interest in your man. Well, you might not want to admit it but maybe you have to reconsider your relationship with him. He might not be as exciting as he used to be, and that might show on your sex drive.


Another possibility is that sex has become a routine. There is a limit to everything and same goes for sex. Contrary to what people believe, sex has its limit as well. In this case, you can always spice things up. For starters, go read the Kama Sutra. No, it is not ancient porn. But it might help a lot with ideas for the bed. Try roleplay. It’s another one of the latest ideas out there.


Finally, you might need to find an emotional connection with your man. Over the course of our fast-paced lives, we tend to forget that relationships stem from emotional connections. It is possible that the lack of some heartfelt conversations has unconsciously put you at some distance from your partner.



Sex and your Relationship


Physical intimacy is not the foundation stone of your relationship. But its importance cannot be denied either. Couples who like to have sex sure seem to be going down the right path for now. But it is also important to explore other facets of your relationship if you want to make it long term. For those who answered in the negative, its time you work on your relationship. See if the things that you have a problem with can be worked out. Or move on.


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