What does the WOMENNOW SURVEY Say: Do you think he loves you?

If I have to sum up relationships in one sentence, I would probably go for the dialogue I heard on Boston Legal. Not a romantic TV series, mind you. But the proclaimed womanizer, and sadly heart-throb, Alan Shore, while talking about his ex-girlfriend says, “In a relationship, there is always someone who loves more”. With that thought let’s begin my analysis of the result of our poll in which we asked our readers, “Do you think he Loves you?”


He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not


Thankfully the majority favored that their partners do love them. I congratulate you all and am happy that you are content with your relationship. However, the margin by which ‘Yes’ became the answer of the majority wasn’t big enough. Which means that a lot of you feel the need for more love. Relationships are supposed to bring you, love. Love is supposed to bring you happiness and joy. If that is not happening, then something needs to be done about it. But what?



Understanding the Situation


The first step is to understand what makes you feel less loved? If the conclusion you have arrived at is based on comparisons made with other couples, then stop right there. We need to come to terms with the fact that like individuals, no two relationships can be the same. Also, appearances can be deceptive, so beware.


Next comes understanding yourself. Sometimes our own desire to seek maximum attention from our partners ruins our relationship. Introspect and analyze your need for attention and affection. There is no end to the greed of an attention seeker. Don’t be one.


It is quite possible that your partner is not one who is very good at displaying their emotions. It wouldn’t be a surprise if your and his idea of showing affection are poles apart. This doesn’t mean that he loves you less. Just that he doesn’t show his love the way you know.



Where does this end?


I’m not saying that all your worries are baseless. Just that you need to give it some thought. Why? Because if none of the above seems to be the case with your partner, then it is time to move on. Like I said earlier, the purpose of a relationship is to bring love and joy to your life. If that is not happening then it certainly isn’t something you should waste your time on. Know that there are millions of men out there and you will find your perfect match. So, don’t latch yourself to one fruitless relationship and ruin your prospects.


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