Work as a food blogger – 6 things to know

Who doesn’t like to feast their eyes on delectable food and drool over remarkable recipes? But food blogging is no easy task. It requires a lot of hard work to maintain a quality blog which attracts enthusiasts in droves. Read on to know how to rule the food blogging sphere.

  1. Have your USP

What is the purpose of your food blog? Is it meant for amateur cooks or professional ones? Does it focus on the cuisine of a particular region or is it about various cooking styles? Once you know your specialty, make it your USP and focus on writing for your special niche audience.

  1. Be Original

To be a successful food blogger you must post original and new content. This will keep your audiences glued to your blog. Rewriting someone else’s content and presenting it as your own will only affect the SEO rankings of your blog and will ultimately be detrimental to your interests.

  1. Interact with your Readers

If you wish to become a successful blogger you need to engage and interact with your readers well. Take active part in discussions, reply to comments and persuade your readers to contribute to your site. Once in a while host a contest and exhort your readers to participate with their recipes or cooking experience. This two-way relationship between you and the reader will help promote your blog by word –of-mouth and make your website stand out.

  1. Connect with other Bloggers

To be successful in the online medium you need to know the art of networking well. Network well with other in –demand but non competing food bloggers and feature them on your site. Add a few of them to your favorite lists and try to set up a link exchange. Connect with them on social media platforms as well so as to maintain the link.

  1. Go Offline

Taking your work offline will be a great boost to your career. You can tie-up with a chef or a restaurant to host a class with you as part of a ground event. Send out invites to your readers and followers on social media to attend the do. You can even charge a small entry fee to cover your expenses.

  1. Do a Food Course

Your passion for food will take you up to a certain point but beyond that you need to have the knowledge about food and the skills required to become a successful food blogger. If you are serious about your blogging work it would serve you well if you enrolled for a crash course in food writing. Knowing about various cuisines and the techniques will also help in making you a knowledgeable food blogger.

Food blogs are known to attract tremendous amount of traffic. If you have a blog and don’t know from where to pull in the traffic then these tips will help you reach right there at the top of internet search rankings.

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Vineeta Sinha, the owner and president of Vineeta Constructions Co. is a writer and blogger at heart. An economics graduate, the talented writer has been in the writing industry for years. When asked about how she manages the two very different professions, she says, “Construction business is what me and my husband who is a civil engineer dreamt of together and I am glad we succeeded but writing is something I have been doing years before I stepped into the construction world. I was very young when I realized that there was a hidden passion for writing in me and I unveiled it through my school magazine for the very first time and there has been no looking back since then. Though construction contributes more in running my world, writing is something that completes me.”