Work as wedding planner – 8 things to know

Weddings are big business nowadays where the role of a wedding planner has become very important and central to the scheme of things. Wedding planners with their expertise and experience in the industry help to make this occasion a success. If you are interested in the wedding industry and planning to become a wedding planner then here are some things which you are required to know.

Certification is Necessary

Just like any other profession, in order to become a wedding planner you need to have the required certifications. Enroll yourself at an institute and get yourself at least a basic certificate in wedding planning. This will increase your standing in front of clients. A course will not teach you about the nitty-gritties of this business but also give you real on-field exposures which will be helpful to you in the long run.

Creativity Matters

No doubt a certificate is necessary, but in the end it is your creativity that matters the most. This is a very competitive industry, hence to build your reputation you need to come up with unique and innovative ideas that will impress your clients and make the wedding a grand affair. Do your homework thoroughly, come up with unique concepts and then with some smart planning ensure that everything goes off smoothly.

The Customer is Always Right

You might believe that you have come up with the most innovative idea for your client’s wedding. But your client may beg to differ and might have ideas of his own which he would want you to implement. When such a situation arises, be very accommodating and try to incorporate your client’s ideas in the wedding planning process. Always remember that it is your client’s special day and he/she has every right to want to have it their own way.

Be Organized

As a wedding planner you need to be extremely organized else you could be in for some real problems on the day of the function. Plan everything in advance by keeping notes, maintaining a schedule and cross-checking everything. That way thing proceeds smoothly on the D-day and you reduce the chances of a goof-up.

Keep a Plan B Ready

Even after so much of planning, unforeseen circumstances could arise that might put a spanner in your works. When planning for a wedding always factor in unforeseen circumstances as they can arise in any wedding. Thus always keep a plan B in hand which will help you tide over difficult situations.

Collaborations are Necessary

To be successful in this business you will have to collaborate and work in close quarters with multiple vendors and professionals. Having a good working relationship with each one of them is necessary if you want to succeed in your business. Pay your dues on time and stay in touch with your partners even during off-season as these help to develop a long-lasting relationship.

Weddings are a very special occasion for the parties concerned. With the above tips in hand, we are sure that your clients’ are well set on their way to achieving the wedding of their dreams.


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