The world we live in …. the Kerala gang rape

is not the world we should live in. The world we live in is a world that gives birth to people who rape others, who make them cry, who take away their pride, their sexual freedom, hurt their personality.




What kind of men are these people that need to kidnap a woman and gang rape her? Is this the world we want to live in, being surrounded by this kind of fathers and brothers, this kind of sons?


What kind of police men do we have in India, especially Kerala, that find it funny to humiliate a rape victim? Is that our authority, the people that are responsible for law and order?


What is this world where a rape victim is scared of going to the police, of going anywhere with such a horrible life changing story? Why are men such beasts? Why are men in India such beasts? Yes, I ask why in India!


What is happening with India’s fathers, brothers and sons?


India has one of the greatest cultures in the world – and also one of the highest rape rate in the world.


I want to be proud of my dad, of my brother and one day of my son. I do not want him to be a rapist. Do humiliate women, to think he is better because he can step on others.

I want the world we live in to be free from rape victims. I want the world we live in free from corrupt and stupid police officers that have sexual issues themselves.

I want the world we live in to be a happy place. Men and women are equal. There is not better human being, gender nor race does make a difference.

I want the country I live in, I want India do change – to become a country where life is respected, where individuals are respected, where women are respected, where pride is respected, where feelings are respected. I want the world we live in to be a great place for our children, so they can be proud of their fathers, brothers and sons, and do not need to live with the fact that they are related to rapists.


We need to do something! Rapists must be punished, severely! And people, especially men must be educated!


The world we live in needs to change! Please, all of you, all of us, help to change it into a better place!


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