Yoga exercises: Triangle & Warrior

Triangle pose yoga with young woman silhouette on sunset sky.These both yoga exercises are good for your back muscles, butt and additionally strengthen your perseverance. Especially the traingle has an an enormous effect on your inner harmony.



  1. Straddle legs, turning the right foot to the outside. Right arm on the side and stretch it out at shoulder height while your palm is downwise. Place your left hand back on your lower back.
  2. Exhale and lean your upper body to the right. Take the right hand next to the right knee. Turn head to the left and look up over your shoulder.
  3. Now tend your upper body more to right, stretch the left arm straight up while looking up. Hold this pose for fifteen seconds, then repeat with the other side.


  1. Arms stretch out laterally at your shoulder level. Legs straddling so far, that the ankles are at the level of the wrist.
  2. Turn left foot outward. Bend your left leg. Press the right foot into the ground, the outside of the foot should remain on the floor.
  3. Hold your left knee to the heel height. Then straighten the back, while tensing your body. Hold fifteen seconds, then switch sides.





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