Zodiac Reveals The Pros And Cons Of Marrying Him!

When you are getting married to someone, you vow to be with him in his better and in his worse. You are ready to accept him as he is. But you might often find yourself wondering what exactly does ‘worse’ entail? Haven’t it ever occurred in your mind? I bet it has. If you are a believer in astrology then you probably know that it has a lot to say about a person depending on his sun sign/ zodiac sign. Are you interested in knowing whether your stars align with you to-be-hubby?  If yes, then check out the zodiac sign of your partner to know the pros and cons of marrying him.

Zodiac Reveals The Pros And Cons Of Marrying Him!

Aries (21 March- 20 April)

An Aries man is very spontaneous and really adventurous. So be assured that you are never going to be bored and tortured by the mundane-same-old casual life. The pros to marrying him are that you’ll never have a dull moment and he is wild, not only in sex but he is going to be physically active in challenging you.

The cons to marrying him are that he will be pretty bossy. Aries men are demanding. They can get pretty selfish because they want what they want and they are hardly going to back down.


Taurus (21 April- 21 May)

Ah, the most loyal zodiac! A taurean man is known to be the loyal and the most hardworking one. You’ll be struck by their loyalty to you. He’ll be the one you can always count on. A pro of marrying a Taurus is that he’ll give you a comfortable and luxurious life.

So what can be the downside of marrying such a person who’s loyal to the core? Well, he’ll expect the same kind of loyalty and commitment from you as well. And if you do not return it then you’ll be reminded of this for a long long time.


Gemini (22 May- 21 June)

A Gemini is an excellent conversationalist. He is a good company to be with because he’ll always have something to talk with you about and not to forget that he is smart as well. Basically, Gemini guys are known to be charmers and they’ll spread their charm on you very easily.

As good as the pros are, the cons of the Gemini can’t be ignored. You might have heard this ‘Good talkers don’t make for good listeners’ Well, let’s just say Gemini is the proof of it. They have a hard time listening to others. They also like variety and that’s why they are a bit commitment-phobe.


Cancer (22 June- 22 July)

Men who belong to this zodiac sign are the cute, caring guys that girls always wish for. He is most caring and affectionate person you may have met in life. He’ll shower you with affection and is just like that cuddle bear you want to hug all the time. An amazing pro of the cancer men is that they love to cuddle. And they love their mothers.

Yes, cancer men do fit the ‘type’ most women want but the cons to marrying him are that he can be really moody, worse than anyone else. He loves his mother and he’ll want you to be the same as his mother.


Leo (23 July- 21 August)

If you are marrying a Leo then your life is going to be entertaining. Leo makes sure they have a blast wherever they go so you can be assured that your life is not going to be boring. You’ll be left wondering how he can be so confident and dynamic.

There are definitely certain cons to marrying a Leo and the one that stands out is that he can get extremely hot-headed if he doesn’t get the attention he wants. It might seem vain to you but for him it is important and he can turn into this annoying person if he doesn’t get the attention.


Virgo (22 August- 23 September)

Zodiac Reveals The Pros And Cons Of Marrying Him!

A Virgo is a zodiac who is known to be the perfectionist of the whole lot. He is very good at organizing and you’ll find that he is such in every aspect of his life. He manages his finances very well and you’ll get to lead a very stable life with him. Although being organized is a pro to marrying a Virgo it also seems to be the con because his need for organization is like OCD. At one point of time, you’ll get tired of getting criticized for this as they are extremely picky and particular about things.


Libra (24 September- 22 October)

The men of the zodiac sign Libra can sweep you off your feet with their charm. The pros to marrying a Libra are that they are extremely sweet, romantic and passionate and they have a way of sneaking their way into your heart. They are very social and can be called as the social butterfly. The worst of a Libra is that they use this charm on everyone. They are players and you’ll find them flirting with others even when committed to you. They are fickle minded and they can never make up their minds.


Scorpio (23 October- 22 November)

If you are marrying a Scorpio man and if you have known him for a long time then you already know this that he is very good in bed. Yes, they have a really powerful sex drive. Although Scorpios maintain this cool and calm exterior they have a wild side. Although they are true romantic at hear, they hate PDAs and that’s why they’ll never do public displays of love.

The cons of marrying a Scorpio are that he can be pretty damn secretive about the things he wants to hide. Even though he has intense feelings for you, if he wants to hide it then you’ll never be able to know and this can get really frustrating for you.


Sagittarius (23 November- 22 December)

If you love traveling then you should definitely go for the men with the zodiac Sagittarius. They are up for an adventure all the time. The pros of tying the knot with a Sagittarius is that he will be really easy going and fun loving. He will plan spontaneous trips with you and mind you, he is very good at it. They are intelligent by nature.

But the men who belong to this zodiac can never give into an argument or debate and that’s the con to marrying them. They are sore losers and will never accept their defeat gracefully. They behave like know-it-alls and they are tactless.


Capricorn (23 December-20 January)

Zodiac Reveals The Pros And Cons Of Marrying Him!

The pros to tying the knot with a Capricorn man is that he is pretty determined and focused. He will be extremely loyal and dedicated to you. As he is determined, you’ll find him succeeding in life and he’ll provide everything to his family.

Although he will be dedicated and loyal to you, you will find that he is emotionally detached. He won’t value emotions that much and will be very practical. He can also come off as a control freak.


Aquarius (21 January- 19 February)

Aquarius, the zodiac is the most unpredictable. The pros of being with them are that they are highly experimental both outside and inside the bedroom, hence proving to be fun, creative and easy going. He is a risk taker. The cons? Being innovative that he is he likes to shake up things a bit. He is rebellious and will make you doubt him. Sometimes he is prone to make things that are plain stupid but one thing is sure that he is rarely the one to cheat.


Pisces (20 February- 20 March)

A Pisces man is someone who if decides to take a dip once then he will go all the way through. Yes, if they commit to you then they are in it for a long haul. They make excellent lovers and are sweet by nature. A Pisces man will never hold back and give you all the care and respect and that makes up for the pros of being with him.

The cons of being with a Pisces man is that they can turn from hot to cold in just a swish. They also get hurt easily but they don’t forgive easily.

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