Your Zodiac Reveals What’s Your Secret Sin!

Believe it or not, the zodiac under which you are born in has a lot of effect on the kind of personality you have. Not all the of the people under one zodiac sign might have all the characteristics but they will definitely have some of them. We can also predict the possible sin you might commit as per your zodiac.

Everyone sins. It is quite natural because we are humans and we are bound to make mistakes once in a while. It might be anything a small sin or a big one, it might be something you did or said or even thought. So here’s the sin you might possibly commit, according to your zodiac signs:

Aries (21st March- 19 April)

Your Zodiac Reveals What’s Your Secret Sin!

You are extremely unpredictable and rage-filled. People around often tell you that you are very short tempered. This awful temper of yours makes you spontaneous. You make decisions in the spur of the moment but this spontaneity and temper might get you in trouble some day. When in anger, you do things without thinking it through. This is what gets you in trouble. Anger blinds you and makes you do things in the heat of the moment which you regret later. You have to take control of your temper or you’ll end up hurting someone. Your secret sin is the murderous rage.


Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

A taurian’s secret sin is gluttony. Uh huh now is gluttony really a sin? Well, many believe so. Gluttony basically means overindulging. You love to do everything that there is to do. You want to have a good life, good things, good sex etc. What’s wrong in wanting a good life? Well, nothing exactly but being self-indulgent is unhealthy, even in the eyes of the lord. You believe that there is one life so you want to have it all, live it all, spend it all and you don’t want everyone to know it.


Gemini (21st May- 20th June)

Your Zodiac Reveals What’s Your Secret Sin!

The zodiac of Gemini depicts that it has two different faces. Same way you never show your whole self to anyone. Dishonesty is your secret sin. While you just consider it as hiding few things, others consider it lying. Whatever it is, it is definitely a sin. You like to mix up the stories, add few things or leave a few. Many people think you have two personas and you can switch between them really easily. You are a storyteller and you pretty much lure everyone in with your web of lies. People do not seem to catch your lies because you are so well at it.


Cancer (21st June- 22nd July)

Cancerians are known to be the passionate lovers and who would call loving someone sinful? That’s where we are wrong. As a Cancerian, you are such an intense lover that you lose the sense of right and wrong when it comes to that person. We can as well say that you worship the person you fall in love with. You are even ready to give yourself up for the person you love. That’s your secret sin. You provide them with everything they need and you idolize them so much that you put them on a pedestal and become clingy.


Leo (23rd July-22nd August)

Your Zodiac Reveals What’s Your Secret Sin!

Ah, Leo, the zodiac that depicts pride. You are of course really good at everything you do. But you know what the side effect of this quality is, you let it get to your head. You are so full of yourself that you flaunt it full on. You are extremely arrogant about it. Hence your secret sin is pride. You worship yourself and this much of self-love is not good. You won’t admit it to others but you feel like you know it all. It is not a good quality to behold.


Virgo (23rd August-22nd September)

Envy seems to be the secret sin of Virgo, the sin you want to hide forever. You are a very practical person and you put rationality before emotions. You also want the best of everything. Due to this sometimes you get envious of the people around you, even if they are our loved ones. That is why you try to hide it because you don’t want them to know you are jealous of them. You don’t like it when your close ones pay attention to others, you get jealous for that too. You don’t like to share your loved ones.


Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

Your Zodiac Reveals What’s Your Secret Sin!

Libra is another zodiac sign that is obsessed with itself. You love yourself. You love your beauty. You also love looking at your reflection in the mirror. Beauty is your priority and you take great care of it. You want to turn heads when you enter the room. This self-obsession with beauty turns it vanity and it is your secret sin. You are basically a narcissist. Self-love is important, we agree, but narcissism isn’t same as self-love.


Scorpio (23rd October- 21st November)

Scorpio’s secret sin is lust. Scorpios do everything passionately. They are passionately loving and are intensely intimate with whoever they are involved. But all of it is just lust, not love. Lust comes easy but you find it hard to love someone. You find it hard to commit. Your passion easily turns into lust and you lead people on. You chase them until you possess them. But later on, you find it hard to love them. This lust becomes destructive for you.


Sagittarius (22nd November- 21st December)

Your Zodiac Reveals What’s Your Secret Sin!

Monotonous and ordinary life doesn’t settle well with Sagittarius. This zodiac loves adventures. The constant, mundane life bores the heck out of them. This effects a lot on your relationships. You don’t stay in a committed relationship for long. You get pretty bored of your partner as well. This is the reason why sometimes Sagittarius is known to be prone to adultery, your secret sin. The short attention span makes it hard to stay focused on one relationship, instead, you let your eyes wander. But the good thing about you is that eventually you realize the importance of your relationship and you really put an effort in it.

Capricorn (22nd December- 19th January)

Capricorns are achievers. Once they set their mind on something they go overboard to achieve it. You’ll hardly find them leaving their seats until they finish what they set out for. There’s nothing wrong about being determined and ambitious. But it makes you greedy. You are not greedy for money but you are greedy for success. You want to bag as many achievements as possible and just bask in the glory of it. You are a competitor by nature and it pushes you to achieve more and more. The need for more never satisfies. Greed is your secret sin.

Aquarius ( 20th January- 18th February)

Your Zodiac Reveals What’s Your Secret Sin!

Aquarians think highly of themselves. Yes, you are super talented and sometimes your insights are exactly on point and this is what leads you to believe that you are special like some proclaimed prophet. Of course, you are flawless but that doesn’t mean you are the smartest one around. You start negating others and become condescending. People might follow you because of fresh perspective but you are not so special as you consider yourself. Considering yourself the self-proclaimed god is your sin.

Pisces (19th February- 20th March)

You always have your head in the clouds, a little too much actually. Pisces are daydreamers. You are really very creative but you don’t seem to be focused on it. You always keep on dreaming but never put your creativity to use. You live in your own world. Even if you wake up from your dream world and use it, in reality, your pace is too slow, much slower than normal. You are lazy, basically a sloth. This is your secret sin.




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