What has my zodiac sign to do with me? Aquarius!

Does it matter when your birthday is? Does your zodiac sign has something to do with your personality?


For sure there is a lot of informations out there and I guess everyone agrees that there is some sort of influence of your zodiac sign on your personality. Are you more an introvert or an extrovert? Are you independent or prefer being with people? And so on… Here we present some facts on the different zodiac signs in a series of 12 articles – starting with: Aquarius


Positive traits of zodiac sign Aquarius:

The Aquarius loves independence and is very freedom-loving. Also the Aquarius is very human-friendly. The greatest thing is to be surrounded by people, basically they love social bathing.  They like to help socially less competent people and the Aquarius still has principles but also understands everyone. They are open-minded towards everything new. To partners and friends, they are very loyal.

Usually you encounter Aquarius in jobs that give them a lot of freedom, they do not like strict limits and boundaries. The Aquarius needs much more room to fulfill creative ideas and plans others would not think about.


Negative traits of zodiac sign Aquarius:

While the Aquarius is very rich in inventions and originality there is a slight danger that this can turn into eccentricity. Same goes for its openness that might turn into tactlessness. The Aquarius can also become stubborn, rebellious and contradictory.

If people like and admire them they do respectively regardless whether this is appropriate or not. And often enough, the Aquarius is happy to be on the surface and stay superficial.




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