Zodiac Sign Reveals The Most Unpleasant Thing About Your Personality

Each person has a different personality and every personality is built by one’s upbringing, their environment, education and their nature. But some among us are huge believers of horoscopes. We believe that our stars have an influence on who we are. Many of us constantly keep on checking the updates regarding our zodiacs. Whenever we meet someone new, we try to draw out their personality with the help of their zodiacs. We learn a lot of insight from their and our zodiacs. Of course, we also can’t forget the fact that not everyone fits the description of their signs. Some strongly represent their sign while some don’t.

Zodiac Sign Reveals The Most Unpleasant Thing About Your Personality

While all of us get pretty excited when we want to know our positive traits, we don’t want to know our worst traits. But let’s face the truth all of us are humans and all of us have some kind of negative trait which might be a huge part of our personality or a small one. All the 12 zodiac signs have their own obnoxious trait. Read on to find out the most obnoxious thing about your personality as revealed by your zodiacs:

Aries (21st March- 19th April)

Aries, although you are known for your optimism and spontaneity, you are also known to be very impatient. You have an ability to blow up when things do not work out your way. If people do something that annoys you, you are fast to tell it to their face. This makes people think that you have a dominant character. Also makes you a stubborn person. People fear the negative outburst from you. You take things personally even if they are not meant for you. So you just have to learn to be patient and let things happen.

Taurus (20th April- 20th May)

You get insecure when things don’t work out the way they are supposed to. You value your family and yourself too much and that makes others think that you are materialistic. People often complain that you are really self-indulgent. People think you give too much importance to yourself and your imperfections. If you ever find you are lacking in something you put all your efforts into getting rid of all those imperfections. You become so self-indulgent, people think you are too boring sometimes.

Gemini (21st May- 20th June)

Zodiac Sign Reveals The Most Unpleasant Thing About Your Personality

Gemini is known to have two faces. People think you have two personalities both of them which contradict each other. You have a changeable character which is hard for people to understand. Looking at these situations through dual perspectives makes it hard for you to make decisions. You also don’t seem to contain your nature and you often come off as a controlling friend. People fear to lay out their opinion right in front of you because they know they’ll have to face your wrath.

Cancer (21st June- 22nd July)

A Cancerian by nature worries too much and is too emotional. Your emotions in some situations tend to get out of proportion and people find it hard to tame you. It is not at all bad to be emotionally involved in things but when you get overly invested emotionally people can’t cope up with you. Your worst fear is failure and you are more than willing to give everything in order not to fail. But know that sometimes it is okay to pull back and not be so emotionally involved.

Leo (23rd July- 22nd August)

Demanding and bossy are the words that define Leo. They are really good at leadership roles and they can’t bear it when someone takes away their role. They won’t give up their role as a leader unless they want to. They expect to be treated as royals and when they are not treated that way they burst out. Leos also take criticism really personally even though it might be constructive.

Virgo (23rd August- 22nd September)

Virgos are really critical by nature not only for others but for themselves too. They are a bit hard for people to handle. This is their big downfall. They are perfectionists too. They want things to be perfect. They criticize things openly and they are too harsh about it. They tend to keep people on high standards and on a high pedestal which fail many times. Virgos also hate it when people take advantage of them.

Libra (23rd September- 22nd October)

Zodiac Sign Reveals The Most Unpleasant Thing About Your Personality

If there is someone that is lazier than a Virgo than it is a Libra. You have no problem sleeping right through the day. Libra also is pretty indecisive. They change their mind in seconds and they come off as pretty unreliable for people. You can never make up decisions. Even when you do, you instantly regret and second guess the decision you made. You really need to make up your mind.

Scorpio (23rd October- 21st November)

Scorpios prove to be the hardest to deal with among all the other signs. They tend to get very jealous, controlling and possessive of their closed ones. Scorpios need the control in their life because they feel that if they let loose, all the things in their lif will go haywire. This controlling nature of Scorpio leads to possessiveness and jealousy. You develop a habit of never letting go of your closed ones even if they feel suffocated by it.

Sagittarius (22nd November- 21st December)

A Sagittarius has a unique personality. But like everyone else, they also have a negative trait – they can never take responsibility for their own doings. They have an ability to turn the story in such a way that they always look like a victim. They also have high confidence. It is good to have confidence but not good to be overconfident.

Capricorn (22nd December- 20th January)

Zodiac Sign Reveals The Most Unpleasant Thing About Your Personality

Capricorn, you always come off as someone ‘cold’. You don’t adjust with everyone. You choose to hang out with only a few selected people. It is hard for you to be in a strangers company because you can never make a good conversation. You can also be unforgiving and condescending at times.

Aquarius (21st January- 18th February)

An Aquarius is extremely choosy when it comes to the friends and closed ones. Because of this people think you are distant, moody and stubborn. It is just that you love your own company but others do not think so. You also find it hard to find the middle ground. For you it is either everything or nothing, there can never be something else on which you can settle on.

Pisces (19th February- 20th March)

Pisces is the most sensitive one among the lot. In fact, they are over sensitive. People have to walk on eggshells around you. They fear when they would say something and you would get hurt. You can’t handle being laughed upon. But you never back off from doing the same to others. When things take a turn you can never remain positive and do not want to face the reality.