Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations


Every individual is different – some are wild, some are calm, some are quirky whereas some as shy. Our personalities crave different things. Every disposition is unique and has a distinctive set of things they prefer. Following are the destinations to take each Zodiac to – to impress them, win their hearts and make them have a fabulous time.


Aries: Amusement Park

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

Aries are eager! Their child-like nature keeps them enthusiastic and excited! They don’t like staying indoors or confined to a place for too long.

An amusement park is the perfect place for an Aries, where the innumerable rides and adventures will keep them active and excited.


Taurus: Long-Drives

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

Taurus are grounded and prefer less noisy places. A taurus would like a pleasant, long drive full of conversations and confessions – where he or she can unravel your secrets and get to know you better and better.


Gemini: The Bar

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

A Gemini is quirky, cheerful and always looking forward to having a great time! A bar where you can drink and dance to cheesy songs, is a great way to go with a Gemini.

Take the twin to an awesome bar he/she’s never been to and have the best night together!


Cancer: Candle-Lit Dinner at Home

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

They love home more than any place on earth. Arrange a candle-lit dinner, with delicious food and wine for the crab and put their favourite music on. The Cancerian will cherish those special moments of intimacy forever.


Leo: Live Concert

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

Destination or no destination – you’ve got to make them feel special first.

Their love for music is at par with their love for self. Take them to a live concert or any cafe where live music is played.


Virgo: Museums of Curiosity

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

The intellectual kind. You can visit an art gallery with them and discuss art and ancient history.

Museums of curiosity and strange, undiscovered places never fail to grab their interest!


Libra: A Grand Ball

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

The Libra loves balls and galas, proms and posh parties, and every other place they can dress up to. Take the libra to a grand dinner at the nearest, most expensive restaurant and they will be impressed.


Scorpio: Bonfires and Stargaze

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

Pack your bags and set off for the woods or the beach – with a couple of friends and the charismatic Scorpion. Light a bonfire, sing songs, and when everyone else crawls back to their tents, ask him/her to wait a while, gaze at the stars for sometime.


Sagittarius: Road-Trip and Raves

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

What they love the most is adventure and escapades!

Take them on a road-trip to somewhere adventurous. Go to a hilltop festival, make them rave. You know you’ve won their heart when they go wild with you.


Capricorn: Juicy Steaks

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

They love shopping and eating. Take them to a mall, shop and then relish on juicy steaks.There, your ideal moment with a capricorn is made.


Aquarius: 60s Music, Wine and Deep Conversations

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

This sign will never see you again if it doesn’t have a good time with you. Or worst, they might excuse themselves and completely disappear on the very date.

Winning their heart could be as easy as pizzas, wine and long conversations on the terrace.

But you can always sweep them off their feet by travelling to the beaches – dining and drinking at a shack – with karaoke and the 60s music.


Pisces: Simple Activities

Zodiac-wise favourite destinations

Pisces are very simple, kind creatures. They don’t want expensive dinners or loud parties. All they want is a little love and lots of fun. Take them out on a day full of activities –  park for picnic, take them for the movies, then ice-cream and cotton candy.

The Pisces will always remember you for the best yet simplest moments.

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