Zodiac wise, What you were supposed to learn between 2016 to 2017 and make changes in 2018


(March 21st to April 19th)


2016: This was the year for self-realization for your zodiac. This was the time when you were supposed to understand what it is that you truly want. There has always been a haze between what you want, and what others want for and from you. The purpose was to learn your own aims and goals.


2017: This was the year to gain profound wisdom. Prior to this point, you had a very narrow understanding of the world. But in 2017, your mind opened up, too many different points of views. After understanding yourself in 2016, you understood the world better in the year that followed.


2018: This is the year of clarity and focus. Now you’ll learn how to combine the knowledge you gained in the past two years. You’ll find answers to some significant questions about your life. These conclusions will form the basis of what life will be from 2019 onwards.

Zodiac wise, What you were supposed to learn between 2016 to 2017 and make changes in 2018



(April 20th to May 21st)

2016: This was the year to imbibe change. You worked on your self-image as you explored through a variety of options. This change could have been in the form of a new house, a new job, new social circle. Anything that helped you understand yourself better.


2017: This was the year to work on your social skills. Despite your inherent introversion, you are a social person at heart. Now was when you learned how to survive in the jungle. One cannot hope to make through being a nice person and a yes man to your great surprise.


2018: After all that turmoil that came with the tide of change in the past two years, this is the year of stability. Now that you understand the basics of the society, you can live to your true and full potential.




(May 22nd to June 21st)


2016: This was the year when you raised your head from the pile of work around you. You had been a dedicated worker so far. But now you realized that there is something else that mattered more: your friends and family.


2017: Now that you had learned that your loved ones are the most important thing in your life, this was the time to assess them. In 2017, you understood who were the friends worth having. You haven’t completely broken off from your work, so you understand the importance of complementary growth and teamwork.


2018:With your personal life settled, its time to turn the focus back to work. With all the discoveries you have made these past two years, you will now find a new vigor in your work. Utilise the support of your friends and family to move forward and progress more.




(June 22nd to July 22nd)


2016: This was the year of surprises. You had to set aside your desire to calculate every action before committing to it. These surprises contributed to who you are. How you acted in these situations defined you as a person.


2017: This was the year to turn your dreams into reality. The year to realize your full potential as you navigate through all the possibilities out there. It was also the year to challenge yourself to do things you never thought you were capable of doing.


2018: This is the year of love. The year where you commit yourself to letting love take the center-stage in your life. Whether it is strengthening your friendship, bonds with your family, love of your life, or self-love, it is all about affection this year. It’s all about living up to your true nature, as dictated by your zodiac.




(July 23rd to August 22nd)


2016: This wasn’t a successful year for you in terms of what you wanted from life. But it was also the time to understand that just because things aren’t going according to plan, they weren’t going in the right direction.


2017: This was the year to pick yourself up and move forward. The blows of 2016 had left you devastated in yourself. You needed 2017 to bounce back, understand who you are and what you can do. Then, move forward with the plan.


2018: This is the year of the experiment. You cannot expect to do the same thing over and over again. Nor should you follow someone else’s example. After all, the lion doesn’t follow like sheep. Make your own destiny, and walk that unique path.




(August 23rd to September 22nd)

 Zodiac wise, What you were supposed to learn between 2016 to 2017 and make changes in 2018

2016: This was the time when you got rid of all that wasn’t working. Whether it was home appliances or relationships or professions. This was the time when you cut loose ends and throw out the garbage in your life.


2017: This was the year to embark on an adventure. See the world like you have never before. This didn’t necessarily have to be through going on a world tour. A new job opportunity, a new hobby, or any other significant change would’ve done the trick just fine.


2018: This is the year when you learn how to combine living without what wasn’t working and incorporating the new changes from 2017. You build a better life for yourself as you understand what makes you better.




(September 23rd to October 22nd)


2016:This was the year to lay the foundation for the future. The past years you had been going where the wind took you. But 2016 was the time to work towards stability. The work you did now was what would result in the fruits you reap in the future.


2017: This was the year to understand your boundaries and push them. You had been holding back all those previous years. Now was the time to understand your weaknesses and work on those.


2018: The building that you planned to construct in 2016 is now complete. This year is the time to utilize it for growth. The groundwork for your progress is ready. Make sure that you follow the plan and act right.




(October 23rd to November 22nd)


2016: You had been very confident in who you are. But this was the year when you started taking into consideration what others thought of you. This meant profound changes in your personality for the opinions of others directly affected you.


2017: This was the year when you were supposed to embrace the feelings you had been hiding away before. In your glory that you had been basking in prior to 2016, you had kept many characteristics of being you buried away. Now was the time to come to terms with all that made you, you.


2018: This is the year to start anew. With the knowledge you have gained and things you have learned about yourself, now you make for new beginnings. You will combine what you believe with what is real for the perfect you.




(November 23rd to December 21st)

 Zodiac wise, What you were supposed to learn between 2016 to 2017 and make changes in 2018

2016: This was the year when you were supposed to make peace with all those you had broken off for over the years. All the friends you had lost, the relationships you have ruined, all the people you had a fall out with, you were supposed to reconcile.


2017: This was the year to reconnect with those from whom you had grown apart. The distance between you and your loved ones was supposed to be reduced. You were supposed to explore the meaning of love and family.


2018: After making peace with all the people that are a part of your life you are now to make peace with yourself. Look for new avenues, new opportunities, as you explore a new you and grow for the success that awaits.




(December 22nd to January 20th)


2016: This was the year to make up your own mind. While you are strong-minded, you are easily distracted by whatever new ideas you here. Thus, this year you were to form a plan that you will stick to.


2017: This was the year to mark out your weaknesses. You understood what was holding you back and how to get over it. The plan that you had made wouldn’t bear fruit until you remove obstacles from your path.


2018: This will be the year of exploration. You will explore new avenues and ideas to achieve the goal you have aimed for. This doesn’t mean that you are back to being distracted. There are more than one ways to get what you want, and you are going to do it right.




(January 21st to February 18th)


2016: This was the time to learn that slow and steady wins the race. This was the year when things moved a lot slower than they were supposed to. Patience would’ve been your biggest asset in this year,


2017: This year you were supposed to learn how to trust. This was the time when you were supposed to grow closer to your fellow humans as you learned they have more to them that you give them credit for. This helped you to develop teamwork to achieve better results.


2018: You will learn how to build your social skills. A lone ranger can only fight for so long. Thus, based on the knowledge from your previous years, you will build new bonds. You will see the importance of symbiosis and utilize its benefits moving forward in life.




(February 19th to March 20th)


2016: This was the year of introspection. Some old graves would’ve been dug up as you went through lives opening old wounds. But this was the time you learned to make peace with these ghosts from your past.


2017: This was the year to rediscover what drives you. You probably never knew what your passion was. But this was the year that it surfaced again. Moving past things that held you back, you were supposed to move forward with full speed.


2018: Now is the time to put into action the energy you have gained because of your passion. There’s nothing holding you back, so, do what you want to do. This year will be the perfect time to change your life for the better.