10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!

10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!


Women love to be independent and working, they are the best homemakers as well, but the feeling of being outside the home and prospering in their career is also something they like the most. Being at office demands being presentable and that’s when comes the need of beauty care to make her feel more Confident and Beautiful!Here are some easy tips and advices that every working woman can follow, in spite of her busy schedule.


Facial sprays

10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!
There are certain hydrating sprays for your face that will cleanse, moisturize, soothe and refresh the face completely. It’s quite obvious that the skin can’t look refreshing all the time from morning till night. So ladies keep this product, while at office. Your look will be changed from looking tired to bright and dewy in some seconds. Trust me!


Translucent powder

When you are really getting late for your office and needs to apply make up in minutes, well, at this particular time this powder helps you! Just apply little bit of concealer under your eyes and then a translucent powder. It will give you a light sheer and polished look which is absolutely perfect for your office.



Slather on hand cream

10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!
Don’t you girls want your hands to be moisturized and smell fruity all the time? Hand creams are the product which you must use regularly. It can be applied while at office after washing your hands. You need to take care of them so that they look beautiful and attractive. A perfect moisturizer tops the list of the must haves for your office hacks!



For that Shiny hair

10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!
Dull and dry hair are something we don’t like. So after washing your hair usage of hair serums help bringing back the luster and shine to your hair. There are many branded products that you can use. Some of my choices will be Wella Professionals, L’Oréal, Livon and Matrix.



DIY Face pack

This is something which can be done twice in a week for that deep cleansing. Choose ingredients like papaya, honey, almond and some rose water. You need to mix it well and apply and leave it for 10 minutes. And here you go. A fresh, completely clean skin is all set!



Nail care

10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!
Your nails speak a lot about your hygiene. Always have a check on it that your nails are clean and are properly trimmed. You must not have dry cuticles for which apply cuticle softening cream. For the nail paints, elegant colors like blue & black are apt for office going girls and perfectly goes on with the formal attire. Bold nail arts are straight away no for your working place.


Soak up the oil

Girls with oily skin needs to use blotting sheets. These super soft and silky sheets can be used around eyes and other oily areas of your face. You can use it any time when at office to keep your face shine throughout the day. It prevents acnes too.



The Beauty bag

10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!
A clean and portable bag in which you should carry the products you need at office is what “the beauty bag” stands for. They can comprise of a small mirror, concealer, moisturizer, hand creams, cleanser, blotting paper, comb, and facial spay etc. Always make it a point that the brushes you use are thoroughly cleaned and are the best to use.


The multitasker Lip-gloss

Lip-gloss is to moisturize your lips. Keep a pearly white lip-gloss in your desk drawer.
And let me tell you it can be used as a brow bone and cheek bones highlighter as well.



The After-work!

10 beauty hacks to bring out the best of you in office!
Dear girls, how many of you pay attention to take care of your skin after you get back you’re your office? Dust, dirt, pollution can make your skin dull and dry. Make sure you clean your face and remove the makeup as soon as you return back. A moisturizer can be applied thereafter.


So girls gear up and make your office time the best in you time!


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