4 Magical ways of defining thought via body!

‘Life’ is a subjective term and the thoughts instilled in it are closely related to one another. Perception plays an important role in making us see the reality we have touched so far. There is no doubt a scientific reason and logic behind every single thing that takes place in front of our eyes. But as we already know, that most of the things that we see are essentially felt on the surface. A deeper view and focus on the other hand, implies something else.

4 Magical ways of defining thought via body!

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Our health is in a close equation with our thoughts and emotions. A proper mental state, behavior and purpose are the three ways in which the thoughts we think are as significant as the subsidiary. Life is a journey, and the healing process takes place,only when we charge up our self, thereby making our thoughts become transformative. Our body responds to the surroundings for the thoughts flow in accordance to the sensory. Therefore, as human beings it is necessary to keep our health fine, because the thoughts we think determines the flow of random ideologies rushing through our body.



4 Magical ways of defining thought via body!

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Philosophically, we are all in control of our own body. Therefore, what we select amongst the innumerable options depends upon what we actually think. When thoughts keep on changing, there is a gradual impact on its health as well. People with a positive attitude have sanguine expectations and desires, for this is the first sign of one’s transformation beyond the ordinary. There are days when you are upset for no reason, or else, might be a reason too serious to make you weak from within. In this situation when the health splits up with our own self, what follows thereafter is a chain of negative thoughts. If negativity haunts you all day long, by making you feel time and again that you are a victim, then you are slowly disconnecting yourself from an optimistic spirit. But the real challenge takes place when affirmation overshadows negativity, and forms a complete whole when health and passion converges

for sympathy. Your heart is just as supersensitive to intensity and desire.



 4 Magical ways of defining thought via body!

Instagram Account: thedarkescape

Everything is closely connected to one another, so much so that even the pace of our heart varies in accordance to your sensations and sentiment.Unmistakable emotions essentially create positive physical effects in the body. This in a way further enriches or rather nurtures the immune system by means of a proper boost. The more you are inclined towards positive emotional states, the healthier and happier you will be, and your thoughts indeed plays a remarkable role in this individual subjective reconciliation. Today technology teaches people to be self conscious so as not to beg for a beginning of a better life in this chaotic world. But there is no denying the fact that quiet time, reflection, psalm, averment are a few ways you can wind down tension, fear and restless on your own.



 If one begins the day with the belief that you can trust your body, then the notion of healing power turns out to be much more essential and meaningful. When you slowly begin to visualize everything in a fragmented way starting from loosing hope, to the ultimate botheration of various sequels and exercises you are in return actually setting yourself up for inadequacy and mess.Forging  uncontaminated thought markings is the same as forging new habits and impulsions. It takes consolidated, compact, unvarying, true effort. But once you opt the path or rather the habit of speaking kindly to yourself, you are harmonizing a stance of good will. And when this is achieved you are diagnosing your body with a medicine which is more powerful and usable.



4 Magical ways of defining thought via body!

Instagram Account: thedarkescape

In the conventional, predominant, logicalmindset, it’s easy just to reproof genetics for all your matter of contention. But one cannot ignore the real fact, that our health goes way beyond our genes. When mind overlaps matter, the thought process becomes something else. Positive vehemence and sensitiveness incarnate in unforeseen modes. By consolidating tactics such as assertion, testimonial, journaling and tapping, you can train your mind to work with you to show better results for your own self in the long run.

Emotions are as fragile as our health. Our thoughts are the result of the series of correspondence to the body. Always remember that your body is a temple. So worship it will respect and care for the efficient and wondrous way it takes care of you, for the thoughts remain hidden somewhere within it.



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