5 Life mistakes you should avoid repeating in life

5 Life mistakes you should avoid repeating in life

We have come to the middle of this year. Six more months to go and you will find yourself committing to resolutions all over again. We constantly say that it’s time to revamp ourselves, but no matter what, we keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Here we list some major mistakes that you could keep at bay for your own benefit:

  • Confining yourself to limits you have set

5 Life mistakes you should avoid repeating in life

 WE are such pleasure seekers that all that we can think of is making all efforts to go beyond our threshold. It is only fear of getting hurt or pained that causes us to stay within our boundaries. We need to keep telling ourselves that not everything will build on to our regrets. Certain experiences can be blissful and change us for the better. It’s good to trace a path, face disappointments, and learn; rather than seek no adventure at all. That’s a waste of all your abilities. So, go out and explore all that’s ahead of you.


  • Failing to move beyond comparisons

5 Life mistakes you should avoid repeating in life

Each one us is different and born with unique abilities. You do not need to try and be someone who you were never meant to be. You are extraordinary just like your experiences and the setup in which you live. If you feel you aren’t blessed, you are making the worst mistake of your life. You are in a much better position. You will be thrilled to know how lucky you are if you start counting your blessings. Moreover, what will you achieve by comparing? Can you acquire all the talent or physical traits that the person you are comparing yourself with possesses? It will only make you depressed and there will be no end to your cribbing. You can’t be a what you see in pictures and on the virtual screen. All of it is artificial and hence, a farce.


  • Spending all your energy in making yourself feel bad

5 Life mistakes you should avoid repeating in life


You might buy what others think of you all too easily. But should that really matter? Do they actually know why you do what you do? Do you owe them any explanation? Of course, not! Take a pen and a paper, and write all your qualities, both good and bad. You will be amazed how the good outnumbers the bad. Try it, you’ll feel so much better. Remember, self-love is greater than any kind of love in this world. [Read: Self- Love: How do you do it?]


  • Building up regrets

5 Life mistakes you should avoid repeating in life


Keep telling yourself that all that is gone will never come back. It’s past. What you can do is change the present and the future. We are but humane and committing follies is all too natural for us. You may have done something which makes you feel terrible and foolish now, but just let it go. You will have multiple opportunities later to undo what you did and in fact, do something much greater than the mistakes done previously. Stay hopeful, everything has a good ending!


  • Putting our faith in the least deserved

5 Life mistakes you should avoid repeating in life

We can’t stay alone. In living with friends and family, it’s very common for us to trust people. However, be careful. You may not know who is waiting to do you harm by taking advantage of all you confide in him/her. Trusting is not a sin. But be assured that the other person has earned it.

Keep these in mind if you wish to become a more positive and successful person. 🙂

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