5 Reasons why your girlfriends are important in life

5 Reasons why your girlfriends are important in life

Girls are emotional creatures. They find themselves caught in an avalanche of emotions most of the time. They need their girlfriends to keep them sane and going. I am from a girls’ college and admit that my group of friends is a major source of strength and support in my life. Hanging out with girlfriends can really be a therapeutic experience for a girl. Her girlfriends are angels sent by God to look after her mental and physical wellbeing. Read on to know 5 reasons why hanging out with girlfriends is a therapeutic experience.


  • Ultimate freedom

Do you have the liberty of wearing whatever comes to your mind in front of your family members? Your friends, however, are people you can be yourself with. You have chosen them and you trust them. No one is judging anyone and you can have a lot of fun roaming around. Your girlfriends make you feel secure in their company and make life worth living. You need not worry about how you look, how you walk, how much you weigh. Being with them rejuvenates you as you get geared up to face life once again.


  • Therapists

5 Reasons why your girlfriends are important in life

Your friends are the best therapists you will ever meet. They will instantly eliminate all the complex psychological problems you had been facing. They know your background, your history and respect your likes and dislikes. They will listen to your problems with utmost attention that will really help you wriggle out of the situation. Spending time will not only evaporate all your worries and problems but also make you a stronger person. You will also find them giving you motivational speeches at time which will inspire you to stand defiantly against all odds and emerge victorious.


  • Common topics

5 Reasons why your girlfriends are important in life

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Are you one of those who believes that girls are loquacious creatures and can go on and on without really paying heed to the passing time? Similar interests among girls make it all the more easier for women to talk at length with each other. The chances that you all like the same kind of movies, dishes and attires are very common. They will help you with making some really important choices in your lifetime.


  • Reality check

5 Reasons why your girlfriends are important in life

Instagram Account: withlovemissd

Let’s admit it that we all need people in our lives who keep us grounded from time to time. Your girlfriends are the best people to give you a reality check. They will sense the change in your attitude and confront you for that. They will not shy away from giving you some really honest opinions with regard to your sartorial choices; your weight and your behavior. They are your friends and notice the minutest details of you. They are your best critics and will try to bring out your best version. You might not realize but every deep conversation that you engage in is helping you grow as a person.


  • News broadcasters

5 Reasons why your girlfriends are important in life

Couldn’t keep up with an old college friend’s life? You haven’t really missed the action. Your best friends keep abreast of the latest happenings in everyone’s lives and will readily give you a blow by blow account of everything you need. They have aced the art of keeping in touch with everyone and never let you miss the action.


Missing your friends? Plan a weekend getaway, let your hair down and enjoy to the hilt.  You will return refreshed and ready to conquer the world.



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