Best makeup products for oily skin in India

Best makeup products for oily skin in IndiaIs your oily skin bothering you? Are you tired of acne problems and skin breakouts that are a result of oily skin? Well, if you have oily skin, then this article is for you as we present below a list of the best makeup products for oily skin which will not only remove the oiliness from your skin but also give a clear and clean look to your face.

  • Loreal True Match Mineral Foundation

Best makeup products for oily skin in India


Loreal’s mineral foundation is an SPF 15 oil-free, perfume-free, non-comedogenic and preservative-free product which comes equipped with 95% minerals. The company claims that this product can be used as a foundation, concealer as well as a finishing powder- an all-in-one product. This fuss-free foundation can be used daily for sporting a radiant complexion and healthy looking skin.

  • Bourjois Happy Light Foundation

Best makeup products for oily skin in India

People with oily skin have great trouble finding a foundation that suits their skin type and doesn’t make their skin look oilier than it already is. Bourjois light foundation is extremely light on the skin and on application gives it a non-greasy appearance. Further it blends in easily into the skin thus giving a luminous appearance to the skin which appears the same in any kind of lighting. It also lasts well keeping the skin glowing and luminous for up to 16 hours at a stretch.

  • Proactiv Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen SPF 30

Best makeup products for oily skin in India

Proactiv daily plus is a great sunscreen for people with acne prone oily skin. This sunscreen is not very oily and blends easily into the skin thus giving the skin a non-oily look. This product which is available for Rs 799 for 112 gms is a great sunscreen for people with oily skin.

  • Lakme Face Magic Daily Souffle


Lakme’s face magic daily soufflé is a lightweight foundation that evens out the skin smoothly. This foundation comes equipped with the goodness of sunscreen and contains cucumber extracts and Vitamin E as well. Apart from giving adequate sun protection this foundation also moisturizes the skin at the same time. This water based cream doesn’t clog the pores and is perfect for daily wear.

  • NeutroGena Oil-free moisture for combination skin

Best makeup products for oily skin in India

If you have combination skin – that is skin which is oily in parts and dry in others, then this product is the perfect one for you. By its dual action formula, it controls shiny areas while at the same time moisturizes dry areas thus becoming the perfect makeup accessory for a person with combo skin type. This non-comedogenic fragrance-free product on application, gives the skin a nice matte finish which stays as it is throughout the day.

Now that you have a fair knowledge of these products you can say goodbye to oily skin forever. These products are easily found in India and can be found across retail counters and websites, as well. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get these products to rid your skin of oiliness forever.

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