Compatibility of opposite star signs

Compatibility of opposite star signs

Most of us are fascinated by zodiac signs and what they hold with regard to love prospects. It is commonly said that ‘opposites attract’. That the opposite personalities do much better when it comes to relationships. Do they, really? How far is this true? Let’s find it out here.


The opposite of Aries is Libra

Compatibility of opposite star signs

These two signs are very focused when it comes to relationships. While Aries is more confidently defensive and ever ready to fulfil opportunities and potential; Libra is adjusting and can compromise on all ends. Aries individuals are more aggressive in their approach to doing what they plan to, Librans are planners and tread carefully to achieve things. While the former is dominant and ever- controlling, the latter balances it all out. Hence, they stabilize each other’s shortcomings. Of course every couple argues and fights, that is regardless of their star signs. But Aries and Libra can have a blissful relationship if they let their differences pass.


The opposite of Taurus is Scorpio

Compatibility of opposite star signs

Both the zodiacs are fond of possessions. But in different ways. While Taurus tends to be more materialistic longing for wealth, fame and luxury; Scorpions seek knowledge and sexual bonds. Scorpions also have a tendency towards being more jealous than the other signs whereas Taurus has the capability of handling the same.  Scorpions can irritate a Taurus with its stubbornness but the latter is quite efficient in letting that pass as it is far-sighted enough to choose what’s right and what’s wrong. Both can bring out the best in each other; while scorpions expose the cool and calm character of Taureans, Taureans helps Scorpions be more childlike which they inherently are.


The opposite of Gemini is Sagittarius

Compatibility of opposite star signs

While Gemini is more practical, Sagittarius lives in a make-believe world. Sagittarius has a frequent habit of planning the unachievable. This is when Gemini pulls it back to the real world. Both can engage in engrossing conversations because of the similarities they share with regard to their attitudes and beliefs. Intelligence and a philosophical outlook come quite naturally to both these signs. While Geminis are finicky about details of things, Sagittarius is far sighted. Hence, their conversations tend to be interesting. Both these signs have a different way of approaching and looking at things, and can hardly get bored of each other. [Read here: Gemini love horoscope 2016]


The opposite of Cancer is Capricorn

Compatibility of opposite star signs

Both Cancer and Capricorn have an inclination towards their families. This similarity will probably help them stick for a very long time. Also, Cancer women have a maternal side to their character which is why they tend to be very compassionate, kind and loving. Capricorns are born fathers. Their display sheer hard work to provide and protect for their family. While Cancers can be quite needy, Capricorns can sometimes withdraw into their shells and demand space. However, loyalty is a significant trait of Capricorns which adds to a Cancer’s sense of security.  Both the signs set high aims and are humble. They love to come back home at the end of the day which is where they find happiness and peace. Their love although might have a child-like angle, it will nonetheless be close and strong.


The opposite of Leo is Aquarius

Compatibility of opposite star signs

These tend to be the most opposite to each other. While Leos seek pride and glory for themselves only, Aquarius works efficiently in groups and can bring out the best in each group mate. Since this couple has very few traits that emotionally bond them together, it is physical compatibility that keeps the relationship going. Both these signs are lively and outgoing and can really make a place happening. If careful, they can stick together.


The opposite of Pisces is Virgo

Compatibility of opposite star signs

Pisces have a very compassionate side to their nature. They are very giving and can unconditionally love people. While they tend to be very romantic, Virgos are very intelligent; which draws them close. Virgos are inclined to work for social causes and Pisces’ empathetic character brings out the best in them. Although Pisces fantasizes quite often, Virgos are more practical which helps keep a Piscean hold to the ground. They have the potential to forgive each other’s mistakes and stay together for a lifetime.


So, what do you think about “opposites attract”? Does your partner belong to the opposite sun sign? Tell us how you make your relationship work!

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