Mentrual cups-the wondrous innovation!

Tired of itchy rash prone periods? Soggy sanitary napkins have ruined your perfect date night? Hate to feel like a precocious toddler? The answer to all this is the Menstrual Cup, a fairly old innovation, but has not been used much by this part of the world.

Mentrual cups-the wondrous innovation!

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Periods is the time when you need most comfort, and if periods become uncomfortable and disturbing, nothing can be worse than that. If you are looking for an experience of absolute hassle free periods, this is probably the blind man’s stick.


What are menstrual cups?

Mentrual cups-the wondrous innovation!

A menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone and is washable. It is shaped like a bell and is flexible. During periods, this cup is inserted into the vaginal region and it collects all the blood during periods instead of absorbing the blood as in sanitary napkins. After every 4-12 hours, the person must remove the cup and wash it in water and reuse it. It must be sterilised after the completion of periods, preferably with warm water.


Available in a variety of sizes

Mentrual cups-the wondrous innovation!

Instagram Account: withlovemissd


These cups come in different sizes for different age groups, the smallest come for the teenagers, the medium ones for those who haven’t given birth yet, and the largest ones for the ones who have an expanded vaginal canal. It must be twisted and then inserted into the vaginal cavity. While removal, pinching the base is recommended; so that no vacuum is created.


Is it a good option over pads and tampons?

Mentrual cups-the wondrous innovation!

The different advantages would be reduction of solid waste and minimization of dumping of sanitary napkins. This would be a useful breakthrough in garbage disposal. Also, this has been a weapon that people of developing countries have been using in place of high-priced sanitary napkins, which are not available in Africa and likewise countries. Often girls are not allowed to continue further education because of shaming of women who undergo menstruation, and easy supply of this handy instrument would put forward a cheap solution to education which is prevented because of menstruation.



Some women find these cups a bit uncomfortable, especially in removal, and hence find a bit of difficulty. Some women have difficulty in selecting the right size, and hence face leakages. This can be overcome in choosing a soft cup which can be removed easily and a hard cup if leakage problems persist.


What is the cost effectiveness?

Mentrual cups-the wondrous innovation!

The cost is 25$ on an average, but since it is a long time use product, it ultimately saves the cost of sanitary napkins and hence is economical. It is a wise choice, considering that it involves a larger time scale of usage.

On the whole, it is comfortable and economic and is blessed with numerous advantages over disadvantages, and hence accepting the wave of new change would not be much of an inconvenience. It’s easily available and cost effective has no medical complications and is dermatologically tested. So, say goodbye to the traditional napkins and embrace the cups of change!


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