10 Fun Games To Play With Your BFFs At The Next Sleepover!

The best part of having best friends is that you enjoy the most of it without any care in the world. You can be your own self without having any fear of being judged. And even more, best are the sleepovers! The adrenaline rush, the excitement, the food, the constant giggles and sexual innuendos make up the best moment of your life.

10 Fun Games To Play With Your BFFs At The Next Sleepover!

Sleepovers give you the extended time with your besties where you get to know your besties in a way no one else has seen him or her. We are here to give you some ideas to make your sleepovers even more entertaining. So all we need is fun-loving friends who dare to play insane games and naughty ones too! Here are a few games to make your sleepover the best night.

Never Have I Ever

10 Fun Games To Play With Your BFFs At The Next Sleepover!

Let’s start with the most classic game among everyone ‘Never have I ever’. Let me tell you that you’ll stumble across so many secrets in this game that you’ll be surprised to know how much you still do not know about each other. Here’s how the game goes- arrange a glass of alcohol or any normal soft drink for each player and one player will start the game by saying something he/she has never done till now. If anyone has done the deed then they have to take a shot of the drink. By the end of it am sure you’ll be curious about so many things that you now know about each other.

Blind Makeover Game

10 Fun Games To Play With Your BFFs At The Next Sleepover!

Well who doesn’t love makeup and when you have to experiment it on others it’s even better. For this game, you’ll need basic makeup products like foundation, compact powder, eyeliner, kohl, lipstick, blush and eye shadows. Place them in the center and sit in a circle. Take a piece of cloth for a blindfold and blindfold yourself and apply makeup on the person sitting next to you. Same way continue the chain. Once everyone’s turn is over, take off the blinds and then you’ll see how hilarious you all look. You can even click pictures of each other for memories.

Strip Dice

The name says it all. If you have a bunch of crazy friends who don’t mind getting drunk then this game is definitely for you. For this game, all you need is a dice, drinks and of course a group of fun loving crazy friends. Each member of the team has to roll the dice, every time a player rolls an even number he/ she must take a shot or for rolling an odd number he/ she must lose a piece a clothing. If the member is not okay with any of these then he/she must be ready to do a dare that is given to him or her.

Spin The Bottle


This game is a bit different than the normal spin the bottle game. The changes here are that it involves food. Place out a few tiny bowls in a circle and place the bottle in the middle of it. Fill these bowls with all kinds of food items. Try being innovative and fill the bowls with the yummy (chocolate, popcorn), the bad ( soya sauce, bitter cheese) and the ugly (green chili, mustard paste). Choose your own set of ingredients and let the game begin. Whichever plate the bottle points to the person has to eat a spoon out of it. Make sure you have a camera to capture the reactions of each other because they are going to be epic.

The Selfie Game

10 Fun Games To Play With Your BFFs At The Next Sleepover!

Selfies are the memories that we make these days. Try this short selfie game and you’ll have loads of funny pictures lined up on your social media accounts. Take your digital camera and set a self-timer on it. Each player has to hold the camera at an arm’s length for at least two seconds before passing it on to next player. You’ve to keep on passing it until the flash goes off and the camera captures your selfie. You might get few hilarious shots of each other that’ll remind you of your crazy times forever.

Hide And Seek With The Gadgets

Hide and seek is the favorite outdoor game of our childhood. But this game is a bit of twisted. Turn out all the lights and everyone has to hide. The one who seeks the others must have the phone’s flashlight on and must go on seeking others in the pitch dark. The people who are hiding must make a clapping sound every once in a while to hint where they are hiding. This way the game has to continue until everyone is found.

Heads Up

10 Fun Games To Play With Your BFFs At The Next Sleepover!

This game has become really very popular in a short time. Heads up is an app that is available on both Android and Apple store. And this game is quite simple really. The app will show you several categories among which you’ve to select one and hold your phone on your forehead and your best friend will show the word in actions which will help you to guess the word. But remember not to use it in the sentence.You can easily download it in the online store. But if you do not want to buy the app then Dumb Charades is a really good alternative.

Jenga With A Twist

Jenga is really an interesting game in itself that involves mental and physical skill. The whole fun of playing Jenga is to wait for the tower to fall and to see who loses. So what’s bad in adding a bit more fun? Add in a bit of alcohol or tequila shots. Whether you are Jenga pros or not the added alcohol is there is to cheer you all up. Every time someone makes the tower fall you all collectively take the shots. So more number of times the tower falls more the number of shots, right?


Bollywood Dance Move Challenge

What’s a sleepover without Bollywood songs and dance moves? Dancing to the tunes of Bollywood songs has its own fun. Let’s add a twist to the normal crazy dance night. Make a collection of the party and item songs. Play them one by one and everyone has to guess the signature dance moves of the song. The one who succeeds in guessing the signatures step first gets the point. This way you can enjoy dancing along with added fun.


What’s In My Mouth Challenge

10 Fun Games To Play With Your BFFs At The Next Sleepover!

This is the fun food challenge that might awaken the senses in your mouth. This game is all about food. Everyone must collect at least five food items that they like without revealing them to each other. Sit in a circle around each other and take a blindfold. Blindfold the person next to you and make them taste the item of your choice. If they guess the correct name then they can give you a dare and if they do not guess it right then they have to eat a whole spoon full of the item they have tasted.

Seems fun, right? So what’s the wait for? Try the games and let us know whether you liked the games.