10 Must-Have Trendy Accessories for the Desi Indian Bride’s Trousseau!

A wedding trousseau is incomplete without the accessories. The first thing a bride frets right after her wedding outfit is the accessories. Everyone wants to look their best in the wedding and that won’t be possible without the trendy accessories to compliment the outfit.

10 Must-Have Trendy Accessories for the Desi Indian Bride’s Trousseau!

When it comes to choosing accessories the brides have a huge decision to make. Whether to use those age-old antic kangans, maang teeka’s that our mothers have kept aside for our wedding or to go for the trending modern accessories that are so much in trend all over. But here we have an amazing collection of stunning accessories that will make your jaw drop.

Traditional Kundan Earring


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A wedding outfit is incomplete without the bridal earrings. These kundan earrings will leave people gawking all over you. Kundan jewelry is an integral part of Indian wedding trousseau and every bride wears Kundan jewelry in at least one of her wedding occasion like sangeet, wedding, haldi ceremony etc. Have a look at these stunning gold plated kundan earrings with ruby beads. These intricate handmade kundan earrings are absolutely amazing.


Designer Necklace set


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All girls have a dream to fulfill when it comes to their wedding: A unique designer statement neck piece. Neckpiece has that amazing quality in them that they instantly make a bride more beautiful.

No matter how pretty modern neck pieces look on you, a traditional polka neck piece can steal away all the glam. The traditional gems have that quality in them. This beautiful gold plated flower neckpiece with ruby stones would look absolutely fabulous with a plunging neckline, off shoulder blouses or scooping necklines. You can even check out the whole bridal set along with this neckpiece.

Potli Bag


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Looking for something that can perfectly fit in your cash, cards and any other accessories? Or confused as to what to give your guests as a return gift? Or looking for something that can be purely traditional but fashionable at the same time? This potli bag is all that you need. This stunning red potli bag is made of smooth and rich velvet adorned with gold metal beads, pearl drops and gold metal ambi motifs. This bag can also be carried to temple. Well, talk about all in one. We highly recommend this.


Maang Teeka/ Headpiece


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A maang teeka or matha patti as some people call it is a headpiece that runs down the parting of the hair and follows the hairline. Maang teeka is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is normally adorned with gems, diamonds and such other stones. Take a look at this intricate hand-made maang teeka which is multicolored and can be worn on either simple wedding outfit or even on a heavy lehenga.


Hair Braid accessory- Parandis


Parandis are hair braid accessories that can be worn whenever you braid them in various styles. Braids are trendy and some brides, particularly Punjabi brides love styling their hair in braids. French braid, fishtail braid, Dutch braid or any kind of braid you want to style your hair in, these parandis will enhance the look of your hair-do. Not only that these parandis comes with hair extension which can be braided into your hair to make your hair look more luscious and long.

Take a look at this mirror multi-colored parandi with bells and tassels, hand-made beautiful tassels which are so in trend right now:

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Gold Mesh Kalire


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No bride ever forgets to shop for these traditional gold Kalire that adorn the wrists of the bride. Kalire is one of the most integral part of traditional bridal wedding trousseau and they hold cultural significance in Indian weddings. Kalire is mostly found in gold or silver metal, though most brides always opt for gold plated kalire. Check out these old umbrella shaped hangings fusioned with gold mesh domes with silver dooms in the middle.


Metal Bohemian Clutch


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A bride’s trousseau is incomplete if it doesn’t have an exclusive clutch which can complement an evening dress for dinner or a late night party. Newlyweds have to attend a lot of special occasions like evening parties, glamorous brunch or evening tea party. Desi Royale presents this pot-shaped imported clutch that can totally add a spark to your elegant look. The clutch is a Bohemian clutch purse with intricate design on the outside and soft and smooth velvet lining on the interior. And that black tassel adds charm to the clutch. It also has a metal sling which is a plus.

Don’t forget to include this stunning metal clutch in your wedding trousseau.


Uber Trendy Clutch


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Clutch is one such accessory that is least discussed when it comes to wedding and trousseau. But it is something that is highly needed. Any woman can never go out without a purse and clutches are uber-trendy when it comes to purses, they look so classy when paired with an ethnic wear. They literally bring out the glam. And you can fit in your phone and other makeup accessories with such an ease that you don’t have to worry about them breaking.


Traditional Chuda/ Bangles


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For a wedding can never be complete without the chuda set! Chuda bangle set holds significance for Indian brides. Punjabis have a separate chuda ceremony in their wedding, Rajasthani brides never go to their wedding mandap without this chuda on their hands while South Indian don’t exactly wear chudas they do wear green glass bangles that hold the same significance that a chuda does. But any bride can wear this chuda set.

If you are looking for real Indian inspired look then opt for these gorgeous set of red, white or ivory kundan bangles/ chuda set to give you that perfect look.


Oxidized / Silver metal Jewelry


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Oxidized jewelry has always been underrated by everyone. There are only a few people who realize that oxidized jewelry goes so well with both traditional and western outfits. It is just perfect for that evening dinner or brunch party. It goes well with a saree or a plain sundress. Take a look at these intricate handcrafted silver metal earrings that are so gorgeous.

These are few must have accessories that we highly recommend you to have at your wedding or in your trousseau.  Among the sweet, unforgettable memories you make in the wedding, these are some of the accessories that hold utmost significance in an Indian wedding. If you want to take a look at some more bridal accessories then click here: https://www.desiroyale.com/