11 Things men find mysterious about women


Women are a mystery that men find difficult to unveil. They get annoyed for no reason, they get angry at their boyfriends for something that happened in their dreams and they find lame things funny. Men have come to love this absurd nature of women, however it goes above their head.

11 Things men find mysterious about women

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15 things men will never understand about women are:


  • How are you? Fine.

Women say the opposite of how they feel. They want men to understand their thoughts through some kind of telepathy and they want comfort from them. But how are men going to know if she wants to go shopping until she does not say it? And after the sun sets, they get angry because they wanted to go shopping.

11 Things men won't understand about women


  • They love shoes

Women’s love for shoes is very complicating. Men don’t understand why women need so many when all she has to do is walk in them. It does not end here, women also expect men to take notice of her new shoes and tell her its cute and better than her best friend’s.


  • They are pissed off but won’t admit

Women will never admit the reason for their moodiness. Its like they expect men to know what they did. Poor men! They replay the entire day in their mind to know what’s wrong. And after much persuasion, they come to know the reason for her being so frustrated. ‘Why did you look at that girl?’


  • They are hungry for ex-knowledge

How was she? Was she tall? Did she have brown hair or black her? What did she wear? Did you kiss her? Men are baffled with these unending questions.


  • They don’t like answers yet they ask

They don’t want to hear how many times their boyfriend took their ex girlfriend to some place yet they will ask. They will ask him which one of his ex girlfriend was hot and then they will be angry if he answered honestly.

11 Things men won't understand about women


  • They never have anything to wear

Although their closet is swimming with clothes that were bought a week ago, they always frown when it comes to picking a dress. Men can stay in the same shirt for days and never complain but women, we all know their nature!


  • What do they exactly want?

They are so moody and so gloomy at times that they want to be left alone. While at other times, they want to talk it out. Men are confused figuring out if they want to talk or be left alone?


  •  They love chocolate

11 Things men won't understand about women

Damn. That’s one thing every women love and men have a hard time figuring their undying love for chocolate.


  • They love to cry

Your friend’s dog died and you are crying over it. Well, that’s okay. But crying for a smudged lipstick or bloated eyeliner, what’s all the drama about? Talking about drama, there is always something going on between them and their best friends. One day, she is the best, the other day she becomes a bitch.


  • They don’t know what they want to eat

11 Things men find mysterious about women

Instagram Account: withovemissd

Mc Donald’s?No. Pizza hut? No. Kfc? No. Burgerking? No. Taco Bell? No. Carter’s Blue? No. Dominos? No.

Then what do you want??

I think I’ll have fries from Mc D.


  • Winning an argument

Women love arguments and they love it so much more when they are the one who have said the last word. No matter how wrong they are, they are always right!



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