11 Warning Signs A Womanizer Just Can’t Hide

Men can be pretty difficult to read and quite unpredictable. When you start dating a guy you don’t exactly know what kind of person he is, but as you spend more time with him you get to know him. Some men are players by nature. They say something sweet to you just to get on your good side or to get into your pants. Identifying a player is not difficult you just need to know how to figure them out by their actions. A player might smooth talk you and get on your good side but he doesn’t just feel the same about you.

11 Warning Signs A Womanizer Just Can’t Hide

It is difficult to know what is going on in someone’s mind or their feelings. But there are signs that can help you find out a womanizer.  No woman wants to be just another notch in the bedpost. That’s why when you start dating someone you have to be careful as to who you are dating with. Is he really up for actually dating or just using you? Check out these signs to know about it

You Know Nothing About Him

He seems to be really great at talking. He socializes very well and seems to flirt with you all the time. But whenever you ask things about him and his life, he suddenly shuts up or just gives you a one-word answer. He just doesn’t let you in his life. You know nothing about him or his family or his friends which is kind of weird when you are dating this person. He is either dating you to show it off or to get into your pants nothing more than that.

He Is Really Active On Social Media


There are guys who are always active, true, but a womanizer will have more women on his social media profile than men. It is not wrong to socialize with women but a player often seems to be chatting 24/7 with them. They have less contact with men and spend more time with women. This is surely a warning sign of a player. [read: Relationship issues caused by social media]

He Is Too Perfect For Your Own Liking

11 Warning Signs A Womanizer Just Can’t Hide

Since the day you started dating him, he has always acted perfectly. He has this perfect image in front of your parents and friends. He is the kind of guy your mother would want you to marry. He is always so charming and is capable of impressing anyone. Even after spending so much time with him you haven’t found even a single negative quality, which might make you skeptical about him. It seems like too good to be true.

He Shows No Interest In Getting To Know You Or Your Friends

A player does ask you about your life but just in a shallow way. He doesn’t care much about it. A guy who genuinely likes you will actually care for you and would like to know more about you. He’ll try to build a relationship with you while a player won’t. A player won’t care to ask or meeting your friends either because he doesn’t plan on staying with you for long. When you expect him to get into deep intense conversations with you, he never will. [Read: 6 Truths about sex you need to know to keep your partner interested]

He Doesn’t Let You Touch Your Phone

He is pretty secretive when it comes to the messages and calls on his phones. He doesn’t leave his phone ever and even he does, he doesn’t like it when you go through it. Whenever his phone rings, he makes sure to go out and take the call instead of answering it in front you. If you have been noticing this and also the fact that he hides his whereabouts from you then there is definitely something fishy about it. [Read: Checking your partner’s phone: A good idea?]

He Gets Touchy Quickly

11 Warning Signs A Womanizer Just Can’t Hide

Players know what they want and they have their ways to get it. If they are with you just for fun then you’ll not even know when you’ll become putty in his hands. He will get touchy with you and he’ll not follow the standard rules of dating. Players never follow rules. If you ever find him saying on a first date – “We both have a magical connection, don’t you think so? We are just meant for each other”. Red flag, girls because honestly all of it is too soon for the first date.

His Past Is Shady

A player never lets you know much about his past. You might have been dating him for months now and yet you do not know a thing about his past. Whenever you question him about his past relationships he might say that he doesn’t have one. But to you, it might seem like too good to be true because of the people and women he is in contact with. His past is murky which clearly instigates you more to find out about him. It also warns you about him being a womanizer.

He Never Drops The G-Word

Whenever you go out with him, you wait for him to introduce you as his girlfriend. But that never happens. If this happens once or twice you might think that it is because you just started dating. But even after dating you for few weeks he still introduces you just with your name to his friends then he is definitely a player. He’s just with you on a temporary basis. He wants people to think he is still in the market and if he doesn’t introduce as his girlfriend then you are not his girlfriend. [Read: 7 Ways to be a good girlfriend!]

You Hear Your Friends Telling You That He Is Bad News

11 Warning Signs A Womanizer Just Can’t Hide

Your friends have warned you about him. You just have your head in the clouds due to which you are unable to see the guy for real. If people tell you he is bad news, believe them. People might be judgmental in general but sometimes they speak the truth. They don’t warn you because they are jealous but for your well being.

Notice His Body Language

Sometimes even nonverbal communication and body language can give you an insight of what a person feels. Verbally he might be praising you and whispering sweet nothings in your ear but his eyes wander to other women when he is with you. You have to pay attention to how he behaves when he is out with you in the presence of other women. Players might be really good at hiding but they can’t help it but stare when a woman passes by. [Read: 10 body language signs that she is into you]

He Is Gone As Soon As He Arrives

11 Warning Signs A Womanizer Just Can’t Hide

A player never stays until the things get serious. When he gets the hint of dating becoming serious he’ll vanish from your life. He’ll avoid you like plague. The ultimate way to recognize a womanizer is by the way he reacts when you talk about future.

A player can be really sly with his ways but girls, don’t underestimate yourself and keep an eye out for him. If he is a womanizer, kick him to the curb and save yourself from getting played.

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