12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!

When was the last time you took care of yourself? We show compassion to everyone in our life but do you show the same kindness to yourself?

This year make yourself a priority and spend some ‘me’ time to reconnect with your inner self. These self-care ideas may work for you, may not, but give them a try at least once.

At the start, it might seem a bit inconvenient for you but don’t ignore this by saying, ‘I don’t have time for all these’. Repeatedly putting other’s need over yours will leave you stressed out. Put yourself first at least once no matter how busy you are working as –mom, housewife, entrepreneur, business women or full-time worker. This is your chance for a much-needed break.

Take a break and know that even we are worth the love and go ahead.


Take a digital detox

12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!

The most peaceful thing you’ll ever do is switching off all your digital gadgets. Unplug yourself from Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp for few days because you just don’t want to visit the online version of people. Ditch your phone to connect with your closed ones instead give them a visit, have an actual conversation, revive the memories and you’ll know what all you have been missing out on.

If you are more of stay-at-home kind of person then spend time by reading books and writing journals.


Gift yourself a body massage therapy

Have you ever treated yourself a massage? If not, do it now. There is no better way of rejuvenation. Body massages are something that makes you let go of all your stress that fuss up with your mental health. It’s a very simple way to give yourself some living instead of depending on others to love you. What’s more interesting about massage is that sleep will come easily to you and you’ll sleep like a log.

So keep calm and pamper yourself!


Make an ice cold infusion

Nothing is as refreshing as water and the fresh fruits. So if heat is sucking up all your energy then take chilled water and toss in the berries, mint and vanilla. Don’t go for store-bought sugary juice mixtures because they are totally filled up with sugar which is not what you need. Make a home-made indulgence and stay hydrated.

Cherish your skin with a bubble bath

12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!

Soaking yourself in bath soak with a glass of wine in your hand and with the music on feels so relaxing on a weekend. Whenever you are feeling burdened with the work, run yourself a bubble bath and soak in it. It’ll calm all your muscles and remove all your stress. Bubble baths are great preventer of soreness and tension.

Listen to your favorite podcast

If you are a fan of podcasts then listening to them would really brighten up your day. Why because podcast offers a wide range of topics ranging from daily soaps to motivational talks. You can even download the podcasts and store them or even subscribe to them.

Take a tea break

12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!

People who drink tea get restless when they do not get their daily dose of tea. But we are not talking about our normal chai. Try herbal green tea or chamomile tea to refresh your stressed mind.

Chamomile tea is well known for its relaxing qualities plus it promotes sleep and promotes healthy skin. So it’s like hitting two birds with single stone

Gift your inner child

Don’t we all miss our childhood; Not only that we miss being kids. So what were your favorite things to do when you were little? Did you like eating gummy bears, playing video games? Give your inner child a little gift and live those moments once again. Let these feelings wash over you and they will be the best part of your time.

Create a cozy space

12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!

Are you bored of your bedroom? Add up few pillows, lit up candles and a soft fluffy quilt. Spend some ‘me’ time whether it is you with a book in your hand or you dancing off to music without any care in the world. It’s really necessary for us to give our mind and body what they need- rest. Give rest to your body by sleeping and give your mind a rest by spending some alone time away from the tech-savvy world of yours.

Soothe, scrub and slay

Calm your skin by treating it with a scrub. Scrubbing helps in removing dead cells and exfoliates the skin. It will give you a soothing effect and also help you slay in any look with the glow it gives your face. You can opt for a store-bought scrub or whip one through this DIY recipe:

Take a cup of coconut oil, mix ¼ th cup of sugar in it and whip it until it forms snow like paste. You can even add a few drops of lavender oil to it. Scrub your face, legs, hands and feet with it to give the relaxing effect.

Appreciate and Compliment others

It takes a lot for people to help others without any reason. So does saying a ‘Thank you’ to someone. Next time someone does something for you, acknowledge it and say ‘thank you’. A little compliment can make their day. Appreciating them will bring a bit of happiness to you. Give love and get some in return.

Cheers to yourself

12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!

Raise a toast for everything that you have possibly done in your life and celebrate the moment. Treat yourself to something lavish and enjoy. Spending some quality time with your family will also be a good thing to do. Vow to do even better in coming days. Trust me, raising a toast for yourself will make you happy.


12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!

Whenever you feel wound up with stress and anxiety take a few deep breaths and settle down somewhere. Just focus on your breath; Inhale and exhale slowly. Meditating will help you to relax. Meditation will help you to control your wandering thoughts and relax you.

If all else fails just step out of your house and walk around with your loved one. Let the positivity around you grow and motivate others. These are not something you try once and just drop it and move on with your life. You’ve to make these as your daily routine if you want to stay healthy, happy and ever so cheerful.

Don’t let your physical or mental health suffer. Focus on both of them. Basically, Focus on You! Because you are worth the love.

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