12 Sweet ways to show gratitude to your partner!

It is important to remind your loved ones about how much you love them, time and again, for decidedly committing to you each of the beautiful days of their life.

Respect their efforts and value their love by showing them a little bit of gratitude whenever you find an opportunity to. Start the schema yourself which then they will follow.

12 Sweet ways to show gratitude to your partner!

Sometimes respecting them and valuing them in your head isn’t enough. It is necessary to express by action and words what is there in your mind, only because it makes the other person feel good.

Who doesn’t like to be showered with compliments; who doesn’t like to be wished on their birthday, who will deny that they don’t feel overwhelmed at receiving a Valentine’s Day card from their other half no matter how many years have passed in togetherness?

How would you feel if your partner through simple ways in your everyday life expressed gratitude so wonderfully simply for still being with them?

You know you would feel loved. You know it’d feel amazing. So why don’t you start with doing your part in helping your spouse feel special?


12 Sweet ways to show gratitude to your partner!

This is as simple as it sounds. But is one of the sweetest ways to show gratitude to your spouse without even having to put much of an effort.

Just write them a simple note expressing the importance of their existence in your life or a short verse praising them. This should happen to make their day!


A plain hug or a kiss or both everyday especially when your spouse is stressed can do wonders to your partner’s mood and to the loving bond you share.

They say a lover’s touch has healed wounds that medicines have failed to.


12 Sweet ways to show gratitude to your partner!

Pay heed to what they have to share. If you don’t support them then who will?

They need you the most in times of need and also when they need to share their excitement with somebody. Hear them out. Pay attention and listen to them to understand them even better as step towards granting them acknowledgement for their being in your life.


Spending time together is the cornerstone of strong relationships. No matter how busy your schedule is, take out some time to spend exclusively with your spouse.

Go out to a romantic dinner, or opt for a weekend getaway to a hill side resort and if all else fails then arrange for a bubble bath, some great music and good wine to show your honey how important they are to you.


12 Sweet ways to show gratitude to your partner!

Surprise them. If your spouse is the one who has the habit of waking up earlier than you and making breakfast for the both of you during weekends then surprise them by setting your alarm to an hour prior to when they wake up and prepare a sumptuous breakfast for them to express gratitude for their unerring effort.

Or it could also be something as simple as taking and doing the bed without being asked to.


Of course you are by your spouse’s side ready to rush to help whenever they need you but sometimes it is important to let your beloved know through words that you are indeed there.

In times of crisis, simply hearing you whisper something like “In everything you do, I’m going to be there with you” can make a hell lot of a difference to your spouse.

A simple physical touch and kind words like these go a long way!


It is our loved ones that we take the most for granted. However it is important to be patient with our loved ones the most because in times of need we are the ones they are going to bank on and release their frustration onto.

It is important that we hear them out and stand in support alongside them even if they aren’t at their best states. That is the way we show them we care, by being around when they are at their worst and this is the way to pay them gratitude.


12 Sweet ways to show gratitude to your partner!

It is as important to show in actions how much you care for your spouse just as well as you let them know through words.

Words aren’t enough to acknowledge their presence and importance to you in your life. Your actions must back your words.

Saying you’re going to be there when they need you and being stuck at office with work when they are at home lying in bed with high fever doesn’t hold up your words.


More often than not we end up talking about our day with our spouse and gradually go on to matters of seriousness at the only time we actually get to talk to one another at the end of the day during the weekend after a busy schedule.

In between all of this we forget to ask them how their day was and whether there is anything else that they would like to share with us.

It is very important being the other half to your spouse to ask them how they spent their day. They might not even answer all the time but it is imperative regardless to ask them. It shows that you’re concerned so that it makes your spouse feel valued and loved.

They will know that they matter to you and you are interested to know about what goes on in their life, instead of being aloof or distant.


Saying thank you is a simple yet vital gesture in helping to strengthen a bond that two people share. We remember to say thank you to strangers, co workers and even friends but we somehow always forget to thank the most important people in our loves and that includes our spouse. It is the simplest way to show gratitude to the important people in our lives.

These two simple words have the capacity to turn their day into a jolly good one and all their efforts worth it.


Try and avoid being rude to your spouse even during times of anger and frustration because you’ll unintentionally end up hurting them and sometimes words can dig wounds deeper than the physical wounds.

Don’t take for granted your spouse’s love and support for you and use those against them. Be kind and loving.


This is another very sweet gesture to make your partner feel loved and special. Going public is acknowledging your spouse before whole lot of people.

This is highly respectful to your spouse and also shows everyone around how your partner matters to you.

You can do this especially when any family member is disrespectful to your spouse. Just raise a toast and make an endearing speech to make their day!

These simple yet loving gestures should be resorted to once in a while to revive the love that you share with your spouse. Everybody likes to know that they matter and reminding the ones you love about how much they mean to you isn’t a bad thing after all.

What’s your say about using simple means to show gratitude to your partner? Do you think you require a special occasion to be able to express gratitude to your partner or would you do it in passing regardless of the occasion? Share your thoughts with us in the section below for comments.

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