3 Tragic tales of breakups and heartbreaks!

3 Tragic tales of breakups and heartbreaks!


‘It all ends in tears anyway.’

  • Jack Kerouac

The saddest tragedies consist of lovers torn apart from one another – of excruciatingly painful break-ups and sorrowful endings to beautiful, tragic love affairs.

There are a million woeful love stories that have been narrated till today, but our modern world has different dark tales of breakups and heartbreaks to tell.

Everyone is entitled to feeling their own pain and grief, however trivial or traumatic the incident may be. No matter how petty it might seem to some, but those who feel it, feel it with full intensity and I swear to God, the pain is unbearable. It’s something you cannot feel, a ghost, a shadow of a shadow lurking behind your rib-cage causing an immense ache you cannot avoid or escape. Believe me, I know. Believe me, they know.

Here are the tales of all those who have loved and lost and survived.


A Blurry Night

3 Tragic tales of breakups and heartbreaks!

They were a happy couple. Almost inseparable. They never did anything without one another, they hardly could even keep a secret from each other. They spent most of their days together – smoking pot and making love, going to bars, getting drunk, and driving around the city singing songs. She was his June and he was her Johnny Cash.

But suddenly, things started to change, party scenes turned into drunken fight sessions. It got uglier and uglier. As ugly as bruised eyes, swollen cheeks and bleeding lips.

The next morning, they’d pretend nothing happened, forgiving one another for they knew that the love was still there, the fire still burnt bright in their hearts. If things got too rough, the girl would leave, but he’d cling on, never letting her go, never letting her give up on him knowing he was nothing without her.

But love turned to tears, and fights turned into madness. This went on till one blurry night he lost his senses and she lost hers, he beat her to pulp and she ran out into the streets wearing nothing but her night-gown.

A couple of men, they saw her coming, but she kept running anyway, not noticing her surroundings. Till she fell into the hands of bitter, drunk bastards who raped and reaped the beautiful soul out of her, molested and smothered her pretty face till she could breathe no longer. She lay there in tatters, her body invaded and eaten away by monsters, bleeding profusely, left to die.

He was frantically looking for her, the stupor slowly fading giving way to leaks of consciousness. He looked everywhere, ran till his legs could no longer move, in tears and hysterical, finally he could see.

She lay there like a child in her pool of blood sleeping peacefully.


Heart of Glass

3 Tragic tales of breakups and heartbreaks!

A couple – married for almost a decade – blessed with a beautiful baby girl who would be turning 3 exactly 31 days from the day we are speaking of, had a beautiful house facing a lawn. Both parents had decent jobs at different advertising agencies while an occasional babysitter would be hired to look after the baby girl during their absence.

It never occurred to the onlookers that there might be anything wrong with their otherwise happy relationship. The couple never had fights the neighbour could gossip about and neither did they ever seem out of love.

The wife was out of station to complete one of her regular projects. She wrapped up her work a day early and headed home. She thought she would surprise him and reignite their married life so she bought a bottle of sparkling wine and food from an Italian restaurant nearby to celebrate. She rushed home with a brand new bottle of perfume she bought for him from the airport and all the gifts she got for her little daughter!

Excited, she unlocked the door with her own keys, a huge smile on her face. She knew her daughter would be playing in her own room, so she would hide her gifts under her pillow later at night to make her believe in fairies who reward you for being good!

So she tiptoed her way to their bedroom. It was a warm Sunday afternoon, she knew he would be napping quietly inside. She opened the door to scream, “Hey darling, I’m back!” When she saw something she wished she had never been on time for.

Her man, her only man, was devouring the breasts of another woman, her legs wrapped around him receiving the pleasure he had denied her of since the birth of their child.

Her eyes welled up with tears when she dropped the food on the floor while the bottle of champagne fell and shattered, breaking into a million shards just like her heart. That very day, she left with her daughter and never came back.


Of All The Lives They Saved

3 Tragic tales of breakups and heartbreaks!

He was a pilot and she was a doctor. Lives depended on him, and lives were saved by her. They hardly ever met, but they knew they would never forget one another. It was a match made in heaven – for she understood him like no other and he loved her with whatever he had.

For a man like him, who constantly kept flying from one continent to another, all he needed was a lover who would understand his job and he found her. He would never let go of her, never do anything to lose her.

As for her, she admired his ability to fly like he admired her ability to dexterously use her hands to bring people back to life. She would never get over him, for his masculinity, sense of responsibility and for the intensity with which he loved and perpetually craved her.

It was the 2nd of July, she had come home from work early to get enough sleep to be fresh as a daisy for her man, who was landing at 3:55 a.m – so she could welcome him when he arrived – after completion of all formalities. She set her alarm for 4 a.m, when she would prepare his breakfast and wait for his arrival.

Her sleep was disrupted by the loud ring of her telephone. She picked up the receiver full of irritation for she knew it was one of those emergency calls again. She thought to herself that now she won’t be able to welcome him yet again because of her demanding job. What a miserable life she had.

She said, “Hello,” very angrily over the receiver when a cold but urgent voice over the phone announced,

“Ma’am, we have very bad news and you must rush to the hospital ASAP. A Jet Airways flight has crashed due to an engine failure during its landing at the airport, and the hospital is flooded with patients in critical conditions. We need your help immediately.”

“This flight you speak of, was scheduled to land at what time precisely?”

“At 3:55 a.m, Ma’am. Although some have been admitted to the Emergency Ward and there is still much hope for them, many have been reported dead along with the pilot and co-pilot who have tried to save as many lives as possible. We need your help, Ma’am!”


“Hello, Ma’am? Are you there? … Hello? Ma’am? Hello?”

-call disconnects-

Some of us have been cheated on, while some have been responsible for the deaths of the other. Some of us have left the other while some of us have been left behind by our lovers. But hey, for all we know, life still goes on, okay?

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