5 Bollywood Beauties – Fitness Mantra

Ever wondered how these Bollywood divas maintain themselves in different conditions juggling between works and shifts, attending functions, parties and still manage to look this fit and drop dead gorgeous? From that beautiful figure to their ever glowing skin the lifestyle that they lead says it all. Here are some of the Bollywood beauties spilling the beans of their lifestyle and fitness mantra.


  • Tisca Chopra

5 Bollywood Beauties - Fitness Mantra

Known for the roles of an ever worried doting mother in Taare Zameen Par and 24-T.V.Series fame this 40 year old Actress manages to look younger than her age thanks to the healthy lifestyle she leads.

The Actress isn’t much of a follower of boring exercises instead prefers experimenting new activities like Tibetan Rites, a form of yoga popularized by the Tibetan Monks, She also practices Buddhism, which keeps her mind at peace. Tisca gives her body the daily doses of yoga, some resistance training, body stretches, weight lifting for toning and some cardio sessions.

She also has some tips up her sleeves for the young and radiant skin she adorns, her advice is to drink plenty of water, apply minimal makeup when needed and take it off when not needed, and she even prescribes on applying SPF before stepping out in the sun. Being the gorgeous diva and fitness concern her guilty pleasure lies in having those spicy Bel and the Mouth filling Gol Gappas.


  • Sarah Jane Dias

The former Miss India has a hands down love for food and even owns a Bakery in Mumbai, she loves cooking and loves eating even more. With so much love for food still she manages such an envious figure, the credit lies with the fitness regime she carries on. From her daily routine of Yoga and Gym she makes sure that she tries different types of activities from swimming, mountain Climbing to Kick-boxing she does it all. And not to forget this baker craves on Cupcakes and seafood.


  • Yami Gautam

5 Bollywood Beauties - Fitness Mantra

This ever glowing actress from Vicky Donor has a skin to die for. She feels lucky to have a god gifted skin but takes utter care in maintaining the same, her prescription is to drinking plenty of water to hydrate the skin and body. She is not much of a product person and prefers homemade chemical free masks. Yami is an avid follower of hot yoga and TRX regime. Like every other women even she has her cravings which include ‘Chamba ki Rajma’.


  • Taapsee Pannu

This Luscious Chashme Baddoor actress has her fitness mantra all cleared out, her diet includes fruits and vegetables which she takes in fixed intervals and prefers doing different type of exercises but advises on doing the same regularly. She even adds on to refrain from fatty foods and doing as much exercise needed to lose the same. Her guilty pleasure craves on Chinese delicacies.


  • Jaqueline Fernandez

5 Bollywood Beauties - Fitness Mantra

This tall Leggy Lass from Bahrain is a former Miss Sri-Lanka and now a Bollywood heart-throb, like Tisca Chopra even she likes experimenting work out regimes from dancing to swimming and is devoted to Yoga. Having lived in different countries her love for different cuisines has evolved. Being a foodie doesn’t affect her from maintaining that flat belly, and never over eats, her cravings lies on treating her taste buds with different cuisines while travelling.



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