5 Habits That Can Mess Up Your Chances Of Conceiving

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Giving birth to a baby is wonderful feeling and a lot of us might be planning to have babies in future. However, illicit habits need to be avoided in that case. The earlier you take precautions, the better it is. Certain damages done at the early part of our lives may not be changeable or reversible later.

Consuming junk food

The Body Mass Index is a clear indicator of whether your are overweight or obese. Your body needs to regulate hormones like progesterone, insulin and testosterone in order to be able to conceive. Consumption of junk food devoid of essential nutrients like Vitamin B6, D, Zinc and good fats can hinder the process of production of the essential hormones. Increase in the cholesterol levels can affect not just you heart and waist line but also your chances of getting pregnant by exposing you to PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease).


The American Society For Reproductive Medicines (ASRM) has found out that active as well as passive smokers who are exposed to tobacco smoke have a 36 percent increased chance of having difficulty in conceiving. In case you are trying to get pregnant steer clear of tobacco for at least a year before. Your fertility rate is expected to return back to normal levels. Marijuana and cigarette smoking can expose you to the dangers of frequent miscarriages, still births or premature delivery of the baby.

Birth Control Methods

This might be a good option in case you feel dry down there during sexual acts or if penetration gets harder. However, increased uses of lubricants can bring down your chances of conceiving to a very low level since they damage the sperms. Popping contraceptive pills in huge doses can also hinder your fertility rate.

Consumption of coffee

Having an excessive amount of coffee (more than the permissible limit of two cups) during your early years and even when you are trying to get pregnant can prove harmful. Caffeine hinders your body’s ability to absorb iron which is a essential during pregnancy. Try and avoid foods rich in caffeine like chocolate and tea also.


Binge drinking can reduce your chances of conceiving as alcohol messes up your menstrual cycle and affects the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Ask you partner to control his alcohol intake also as it can affect his reproductive system too.

Nonetheless, stop stressing out. A healthy baby will surely be on the cards.

Anushree Ghosh