5 Healthy eating habits for longevity!

5 Healthy eating habits for longevity!


What you eat reflects on your health. If you knew exactly what to eat and how to eat, you would be making the best of your life. Sadly, we are all too busy, unaware or disinterested in correcting our eating habits.  When we fall sick, we visit doctors who prescribe certain chemically loaded medicines or restrict certain foods to treat our illnesses but little do they tell you what to eat to live healthy.


Here are a few things I have learnt from my nutritionist who I visited after falling very sick. I have reaped tremendous benefits from making small changes that she had suggested. I hope you will too.


  • Avoid skipping your breakfast

5 Healthy eating habits for longevity!

Sugar is a killer. If you wish to enjoy a longer life with a healthy skin you need to manage your blood sugar levels. Once you can keep your sugar levels under control, your hormonal secretions and you immune system will function better. This is the reason why breakfast is the most essential meal of your day. Include good quality proteins like chicken, egg, milk products or soy and good fats like clarified butter(ghee) or nuts in moderation to your breakfast. This will control sudden rise and fall in your blood sugar.


  • Fruits are Nature’s gift to you

5 Healthy eating habits for longevity!

Shun those myths that say fruits are evil. Unless you have medical conditions that have caused you to be intolerant towards fruits, you can safely have them without any fear. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Humans have been having fruits since time immemorial. They are a perfect replacement to your sugar-loaded desserts. Have them as an in-between meal or right after a strenuous workout. Apples, oranges and guavas are great options. What you can dump is fruit juice which is almost oxidised and fiber drained.


  • Limit your carb intake but don’t avoid it completely

5 Healthy eating habits for longevity!

Intake of refined carbs is sinful. Our ancestors who enjoyed great health, never had pastries or biscuits or doughnuts. These are irresistible and I enjoy them too but moderation is the key. Genetically our bodies aren’t capable of digesting these foods well and hence they are bound to make you ill. If you really crave carbs, you can heap on vegetables which have a good amount of carbs and have brown rice or brown bread in limited quantities.


  • Indulge in good fats daily

Fats are not all bad. There’s a difference in the good and bad ones. Fish oil, olive oil, groundnut oil, nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews; seeds and clarified butter are rich sources of good fats. These are very important not just for your heart but brain health, immunity and skin too.


  • Savour your food

5 Healthy eating habits for longevity!

Every food has some kind of nutrient. But if you do not chew them well, you will be deprived. Sit properly in a cross-legged position in order to draw blood to your stomach, see the colours, smell the aroma of the food. Sounds unrealistic? Yes, this is how you should be eating your food and not in a hurry or inattentively. Try to keep yourself as much unoccupied as possible while eating.


Try and cultivate these habits. Things might hit bumpy roads initially but will be really easy with time. Enjoy every morsel of your food and live a long and healthy life.


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