5 Lessons that a healthy relationship teaches you about yourself!

Just like everything else relationships come with their own set of lessons. Whether a good one or a bad one, each relationship will teach you something that will make your more aware of how things work and also how you imbibe the skills to deal with each lesson that comes your way. It is more about knowing things about your own self which you otherwise would not have in case you chose to remain isolated. Nonetheless a healthy relationship can be a great learning experience.

5 Lessons that a healthy relationship teaches you about yourself!

You learn to outline what you really all along the way when you were in search or love and how the previous bad pitfalls helped you appreciate what you have now. You realise that your previous relationships were far too shallow to help you grow and become better. Even now when you have finally entered into a healthier relationship, the process of learning continues to enrich you along the way. Here are a few lessons that you are sure to encounter:

Commitment makes you stronger

 Some people believe that commitments only make you weak and incapable of taking your decisions on your own. However, commitments only make you strong enough because you cease to be one but two together who are there for each other at all times. You learn to take responsibility for your words and actions in the relationship and hence, you become mature in the process. This is a marked difference from the person you were when you were in broken and unfulfilled relationships or when you were single. Thus, commitments make everything around you matter more because you find a different meaning to life with the person who is your greatest support.

Awareness that you are not perfect

It is only when you are with someone you realise that you have your set of imperfections. You learn from your partner things which you would otherwise have a half hearted approach to if you were single. In the healthy relationship you learn to accept partner’s mistakes. You learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness. This is how we learn to mitigate problems instead of letting them spread like wild fire. Also, when your partner knows your weaknesses, he/ she is in a better position to understand why you do what you do and can suitably adapt to critical situations.

You adapt to changes easily

It is difficult for people to move out of their comfort zones. When people are single, they are harsher towards themselves as well as others. It is difficult for them to accept things going other ways than their own. In a healthy relationship, both are more accepting and adaptive to the changes that come forth. You learn to prepare yourself for the worst to have each others’ back when needed. You understand that your partner will stay the way he/ she is an you can’t change them unless they themselves wish to. So, you are in a better position to accept what suits your lifestyle and when you have the equal amount of support and initiative you learn to give in to compromises easily.

Your level of trust increases

You understand that nothing functions well in the absence of trust. You are more than willing to go out of your comfort zone to please your partner and establish trust. It is based upon an understanding that the slightest breach of trust can crumble all your efforts at strengthening your relationship. Therefore you learn to stand by what you said and you also follow through. In order for your trust to solidify further, you make constant efforts. In a healthy relationship you learn that you need to be around someone who can give you the security that helps you enhance your peace of mind. You don’t wish to stay with someone who has a greater tendency to cheat on you.

You learn to communicate your emotions

Communication is very essential in a healthy and loving relationship. Most importantly you learn the art of communication. You become more sensitive. From a person who couldn’t care less about what people think, you become more sensitive to what your partner expects and needs. You understand that your relationship needs work if it has to grow and prosper. Hence, you put in more efforts to keep misunderstandings at bay.

Even though you would like to stay on your own without having to make much efforts, you still believe that your partner needs to be made aware of what’s bothering you. You don’t want them to keep wondering and killing themselves thinking they are responsible for your suffering. It is all a matter of putting the relationship on a larger platform than you would put yourself. Hence, the individual whims and fancies subsumes and the relationship assumes a much wider picture of your life.