5 Reasons parents opt for homeschooling these days!

5 Reasons parents opt for homeschooling these days!

Are you one of those parents who think that sending your kid to school is a waste of time and energy? Does your child loathe his mathematics teacher who belittles his queries leaving him confused? In such a case, homeschooling your child might be the only way out. The concept of homeschooling has been gaining a lot of momentum since the onset of 21st century. Read on to know the various reasons why parents are trying to get rid of the conventional approach towards the upbringing of a child.


Parents are sick of the conventional schooling system

5 Reasons parents opt for homeschooling these days!

Indian education system is notorious for promoting materialistic education. From a regimental routine to rote learning, the system is full of flaws. The good news, however, is that parents have decided to take the onus of imparting education to their child on themselves. They have a very strong point to make. According to them, school teachers fail to address the individual problems of a child which affects his self-esteem. At home, the child feels comfortable in voicing his opinions and gets the assurance that his thoughts are valued. This, according to parents, plays a pivotal role in character-building and ensuring that the child develops a positive self-image which today’s schools hardly bother about.



Holistic development is not ensured in schools

5 Reasons parents opt for homeschooling these days!

Another loophole that today’s parents are averse to is the fact that most schools do not teach anything beyond textbooks. This hampers the overall-development of a child. Homeschooling, on the other hand, gives a lot of space for the blossoming of the child’s creative side and transforms him into thinking individuals. Since there is no fixed pattern of studying, homeschooling gives them a lot of time to pursue their passion simultaneously.



A more pocket-friendly approach

Indian schools charge an exorbitant amount of money as tuition fee which many parents find difficult to afford. Stationery items, schools uniform and the money that goes into taking coaching of different subjects burns hole in parents’ pockets. They find homeschooling a more pocket-friendly approach wherein the money can be spent in other productive activities like travelling so that their child explores world beyond books and learns about a diversity of people.



Online lessons are useful

5 Reasons parents opt for homeschooling these days!


India is at the tip of a digital revolution. The education sector is also expected to change to keep pace with the technological era we all are transporting into. More and more parents are making use of technology to educate their children. There are a number of websites and other online platforms that help kids in understanding various concepts through interactive videos and lessons.


To help the child become more social

The role of schools is to catapult a kid into a responsible and a social human being. The philosophy sounds good but no real efforts are made in this direction. The system focuses more on completing the prescribed syllabus. No emphasis is laid on improving the inter-personal skills of the child. Since parents who follow the alternative method of homeschooling prefer taking their kids along everywhere they go, they get accustomed to meeting people from different walks of life and gain a much wider perspective towards life than their counterparts who remain stuck with the same peers for a major part of their lives.


Education plays an intrinsic role in preparing your child to face the trials and tribulations of the real world. Parents must shoulder the responsibility of taking the correct choices and help him make a strong foundation based on values and experiential learning.



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