5 reasons spicy foods is good for health


The obsession of eating spicy food might never die in India. It does not matter if our eyes get teary or we pant endlessly, we have to give special instructions at the restaurant to make our food extra spicy because scrumptious taste comes with spices. I have come to the conclusion that as a spicy food lover, if you still haven’t tried extremely spicy dishes such as chicken chettinad from Tamil Nadu, Laal Maas from Rajasthan or Kozi Kari from Kerala then you need some more reasons to indulge in the goodness of spicy foods.

Here are 5 reasons why adding more spices to your food is actually healthy:

The may contribute to decline in number of tumors:

According to the study by The Journal of Clinical Investigation, the chemical found in peppers named capsaicin has the ability to trigger cell receptors in the intestinal lining and can decrease the risk of developing tumors. According to another study, nearly 80 % of prostate cancer got killed by capsaicin. So, go ahead and have the spicy food without any guilt later on as you are now aware that eating spicy means eating healthy.

Spices are good for your heart:

Hot peppers have proven benefits when it comes to lowering chances of heart disease. Hot peppers lower down levels of bad cholesterol and upsurge levels of good cholesterol thus promoting better cardiovascular functioning. Furthermore, spices contain high amounts of antioxidants. So, what’s good for your heart should be your top most priority. So, flavor up your boring meals with spices and make your food tasty and heart friendly.

Spices are good for lungs:

Turmeric without which almost every Indian dish is incomplete has miraculous healing properties. For over a hundred years, Ayurvedic doctors have made use of turmeric for treating respiratory issues. Western medicine has also confirmed through various animal studies that turmeric helps in protecting lungs from pollutants, irritants and infectious agents. This results in lower risk of acute respiratory syndrome and other lung diseases. Most popularly, turmeric is used in milk and it is known to bring numerous health benefits.

Ensures healthy stomach:

Hot chilies are outstanding for stomach’s health. They lower down the output of gastric acid according to a Hungarian study. They contain the ability to lessen the stomach bleeding that is linked to taking Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory agents. Furthermore, a study in Singapore concluded that eating chilies on daily basis lowered the risk of peptic ulcers by 53 percent. So, freely add spices to your favorite Indian dish and know that your stomach is going to thank you for that.

Lower Mortality Risk:

An extensive study taken place in China has its researchers reporting that those who take spices regularly have decreased mortality risk over seven years of follow up as compared to those who consumed them less than once a week. So, eat spicy and live longer or in other words add numbers to your life by adding spices to your food. Who knew having good health was as easy as simply adding spices to your food.



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