5 things she wants you to do to pacify her

Now it is the critical hour as she is upset. You are quite aware that she is moody and she is sensitive. At this time it is your turn to mend her mood and to pacify her because you must know to play on her moods to find ways to comfort her at the best you can.

5 things she wants you to do to pacify her

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You may know the reason or you may not know the reasons of her being upset. However, what is most important that she is not in her normal self so she needs attention. Inn this situation be rest assured these 5 things she wants you to do to pacify her.


Be attentive to her

What makes her upset mostly is her discomfort with a specific situation. You need to assure her that she is not alone. To build a strong relationship at least you can promise that you are with her always, in all ups and downs. This reassurance will make her assertive and she will get back her balanced and logical mind at its best. However, you need to assure her honestly and sincerely. Do not forget that while she is upset, she is super sensitive now. Your attention toward her has to be genuine, otherwise be rest assured, situation will get worse.


Treat her with the food she loves

5 things she wants you to do to pacify her

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It is not hard to find ways to comfort her as it is rightly said that food brings a feel-good mood, go for it. We often tend to forget our upset state of mind when we enjoy some good food. If she loves chocolate, gift her small pack of chocolates. If she loves ice-cream, take her to nearest ice cream parlor. In case she is reluctant to go with you, order the food at home and serve the food for her as if she is queen Sheba. If she approves the food you have brought in, she will be back to her normal-self pretty soon.


Tell her that she is the best

You know by heart that she is the best and now it’s the time you have to remind her that she is the best. Don’t forget that she is troubled because her self-confidence is shaken now. You need to kindle her confidence again. Your assurance and your honest pampering can help her to get back her confidence and good humor.

One warning: unless she indulges, do not try to rely on physical intimacy this time. In her unsettled mind all sorts of physical nearness may get misinterpreted by her. Just count on her upset mindset and try to soothe her unrest. Pacification will be back inevitably.


Spend some quality time with her and assert your love

5 things she wants you to do to pacify her

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When she is upset, she is finding her at a corner, away from her supporting friends. This is the point of isolation and that isolation may spoil her entire social commitment. Spend some quality time with her; rather allow her to speak about her reason of upset. Do not force her, ask her gently the reason. Once she confesses thee reason, you will be able to pacify her mood faster.

You may not have said her I love you, but make sure that she should feel your urge to soothe her. Once she is happy and balanced in mind, she will come out of her upset state.


Take her for a long drive

Open air and the stimulation of speed are two interesting factors that can bring excellent revitalizing power for dull mood. Take her to a long drive and under the sky let her know that you love her more than your life.  It is a cliché no doubt, but it is a time-proven formula of mending mood of your special lady and she will love to hear these words from you.

It is easy to pacify her mood no doubt, only you have to know the right key. These 5 ways mentioned here are sure-shot clues she wants you to do to pacify her.



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