5 things you need to stop posting on Facebook


It is great when your friend from high school whom you did not meet in the past ten years posts photo of her baby and beautiful emotions come like a wave of Tsunami and drown you. You really feel thankful for having Facebook that keeps you updated about those who are not physically close to you but are closer to your heart. Similarly, when your crush puts up a latest photo of his new haircut, you fall in love all over again. So, while there are many things you can post stuff on Facebook, there are many things that can get you in trouble instantly or in the long term. Here are 5 things you need to stop posting on Facebook:

Your everyday pictures with your partner:

It is great to see your pictures from your recent trip to Thailand with your hubby or a cute selfie that you just took as a couple. But if you go overboard with posting 100 photos with your partner with love quotes in just a month, people will start getting agitated. You are surely head over heels in love with your partner but not everyone is going to appreciate how you both look when taking your dog for a walk or when going out for grocery so, hold your horses and stop posting too many photos of your love story. And don’t forget it is important to keep to yourself some intimacy and that if you change partners it was certainly regret to have posted

Your party pictures:

You are late for work one day in the morning and guess what? Even though your boss or your parents were put on privacy and could not see your late night drunk photos, chances are your colleague or someone who pretends to be your friend secretly showed your photos to your boss or parents. This is surely going to make your boss or your parents get angrier than ever. Make sure, that you keep your private life to yourself because posting pictures might get you in trouble sometimes and a little party kills no body but posting pictures can.

Check in:

It surely sounds cool to check yourself in when dining at your favorite restaurant but sometimes, it can lead to serious problem when someone in your friend’s list sees your check in and decides to meet you. Sometimes, you do not have much time but in courtesy, you will have to spend at least half an hour with that person you might not be very fond of. Other times, it can raise issues when your father sees the check in and inquires you the reason for wasting so much of his hard earned money on a simple juice or dessert. So, better not check in than to land yourself in trouble.

The food you eat:

So, you went to this new restaurant and tried their new delicious dish so, you posted picture of it on Facebook with #foodporn. Let me be honest folks, when I look at such photos, I only see how unexciting your life is because if you are really enjoying somewhere, you forget taking photos of your food in particular. There is simply no point in posting pictures of food on Facebook because no one can taste it, hence no one is interested so, no one is going to have any curiosity in seeing if you had fries in your lunch or pasta. Just enjoy the moment and the amazing food.

Remember the importance of the power of now and not to fantasize your life through facebook with some mise-en-scène that do not reflect the reality.