5 Types of people who prove to be the worst partners

Have been in quite a number of failed relationships? Do you still struggle to recognise the possible traits in people that make them the worst partners? Or are you still single and scared at the thought of diving into the dating world fearing a possible setback because people don’t generally tend to live up to your expectations? If you fall in either of these category or wish to evaluate if your present relationship is  worth your time, you should consider reading ahead to save yourself a possible heartache.

If you are old in the dating world, you know how many different varieties of people are out there. Some have overlapping worst traits while others just posses one single trait that can destroy the relationship and bring in emotional turmoil for their partners. If you are still confused about the kind of people you should avoid to have a stable relationship, here is your list:

5 Types of people who prove to be the worst partners

Those who are Disrespectful


Disrespect comes in many forms. Sometimes, it is very difficult to understand if at all you are being disrespected. Whatever the form is, disrespect in no way should be tolerated. Initially it may feel like a part of a relationship, but the littlest kinds of disrespect usually snowball into verbal and physical disrespect. If you have come across someone who disrespects you and fails to give you your due position, that kind of a partner is surely someone you should stay away from.


Those who you cannot depend on


We are all in for an independent person who can do things on their own and can support themselves without appearing very needy. However, what is the point of a relationship if you cannot trust the person and live in peace knowing that someone has your back. If you come across a person who appears to be in the least bit of the mood to take care of you, to be there for you even when you don’t ask for it, then there is no point of a relationship with such a kind of a person. A good partner needs be available with you regardless of the time and situation he is in. That is perhaps the number one expectation that everyone has in a relationship.


Those who are clingy

 5 Types of people who prove to be the worst partners

There are those who like to cling to their partners for the littlest of reasons. Such kind of people tend to choke the person so much so that one starts to look for avenues to free himself/ herself. Even if that is a personal choice, but a very needy or overly attached partner can be a setback for one’s personal growth.  If you are someone who needs space and loves giving that space to your partner as well, then an over attached partner could wreak havoc in your personal space. It will only feel like an added baggage. This is not how healthy relationships work.


Those who disregard you


It is very important to have a kind of partner who holds your opinions in high regard. Whether they agree with you or not, they should be able to respect what you say and how you want things to be. Those who turn out to be worst partners are usually those who cannot or do not pay attention to their partner’s needs or expectations. It is also important that what you find important should feel equally important to your partner. In the absence of this kind of a mutual concern there can be irreparable rifts. You will only feel more and more dejected because your partner doesn’t make you feel important enough.


Those who think negatively


Partner who are always positive tend to have a great effect on the overall emotional well being of their partners in comparison to those who are negative in their thoughts and actions. Negative people are generally energy suckers and don’t really contribute to your overall growth which is important while you are in a relationship as much as it is when you are single. Those who prove to be the worst partners tend to drain you leaving you no space to be better or even feel great about yourself. Its feels very disheartening when the person you love shows no faith in you and always has something negative to say or criticises what you do.


If you are looking for growth in a relationship and of course the kind that keeps you happy then you should definitely avoid such people who show these traits. In case you are already committed to such a kind of a person, look for ways to get out for your own betterment.


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