5 Universally Attractive Qualities Of a Woman

Qualities Of a Woman


Women are effervescent. Their charm and their glamour are simply appealing. I believe that God has designed men to effortlessly get attracted to a woman. Yet, some men are hard to catch but if you are a woman with qualities mentioned below, no man can resist you darling!



Nothing beats this trait! You might be wondering that you have seen men are crazy after girls who are bathed in makeup or who adorn fancy clothes, so how does this work? The truth is that just because over dressing and over acting has become too common and too available, the rare thing called simplicity is being looked for devotedly by men. Moreover, the quality of simplicity in a woman adds appeal and charisma to her personality and makes her desirable.



It is rightly said that a woman can win the world with her confidence. Also, there is nothing as sexy as poise and self-control. In a world where a woman is objectified and put to trials every now and then, it is very easy to breakdown and when a woman shows her confident side out in the world, it very clearly dictates that she imbibes the idea of living her life in her own terms.



Mostly, women are labelled as chatter boxes or gossip machines. Men usually do not take interest in having a full-fledged conversation with the opposite gender as they feel woman talk nothing more than another woman’s eyeshadows and lip colors. However, this isn’t true about all women. Women who are intellectual are considered to have significantly impacted men’s outlook and are always the most attractive ones.



Oh Gosh! This trait rolls out eyes on the floor. Self-dependent woman always stand out in the crowd and are known to be the stereotype breakers.  Men are more curious about independent woman as they determine their lives based on self-worth and are usually mature and empowering.



Women are confused species. From choosing clothes to choosing careers, they are always confused. On the other hand, men usually don’t hover over a decision making and therefore tag women as over thinkers and self-trouble makers. A decisive woman is rare to find and is that’s why the most liked as she saves hell lot of time wasted in mind making hassles.




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