5 Ways to keep your child away from smart phone addiction

5 Ways to keep your child away from smart phone addiction

Smartphones have completely revolutionized the way communication is perceived these days. Instant messaging, internet and a zillion apps have taken the entire world in its grip. People, irrespective of their age group, have started valuing this “wonder of technology” more than their friends. The most affected segment of the population is the younger generation who has become a victim of smartphone addiction. Parents, in this digital era, have a significant role to play in regulating the number of hours their kids spend on phones. Here are 5 strategic ways of keeping your child away from phone addiction.

  • Enrolling them in sports clubs

5 Ways to keep your child away from smart phone addiction

Today’s kids have forgotten how to enjoy their childhood. They are more interested in staying indoors glued to their phones. If this is the case with you, it is time to take charge of your kids. Figure out which outdoor sport is he/she the most interested in. Football, cricket, tennis and there are a myriad of other options.  Find out the details of the nearest sports club in your area and get your child’s name registered there. Spending time running and playing will ensure he remains active and healthy.

  • Tech Time Out

5 Ways to keep your child away from smart phone addiction

While it is difficult to take away phones from your kids, discouraging them to while away time on it is a sensible option. Speak to your children and decide upon a few hours when it will be mandatory for them to keep their phones aside or submit them to you. The dinner time is the most appropriate time for implementing this strategy. Not only will your kids abstain from touching their phones, it will give you a golden opportunity to connect with your kids and spend quality time with them.

  • Be a good example

I have heard about a number of cases where parents themselves are so much occupied by their cell phones that warning their kids against its use seems to be a futile practice. Parents are the first role models that a child has. If parents also indulge in phones for long hours, the children are bound to emulate this habit of theirs. It is advisable for parents to stay away from phones as much as possible so that they have a good example to present. If, however, your profession demands a lot of phone usage, do it when the kids are out to play. You wouldn’t like to be blamed for triggering that bad habit in your child.


  • Make them aware

5 Ways to keep your child away from smart phone addiction

Children have delicate minds. They can be easily swayed away by whatever they see on phones. Making your kids aware of the health and mental hazards that too much use of phones brings with it will yield very good results. Read out newspaper articles to them that give information regarding the same. Be detailed in your description. This will work wonders in thwarting them from overusing it.


  • Set passwords

Technology itself is a solution to a wide range of problems. Interestingly, parents these days are forced to make use of technology to check their child’s technology usage. A number of applications help parents to keep a track of their child’s phone usage. This can be in the form of alerts that appear after your child crosses the time limit you mutually decided on. The phone can automatically get switched off if he doesn’t put it down.

What are you waiting for? Make use of these ways to do away with any traces of phone addiction that might appear in your child.



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