6 Journaling hacks for those days you don’t feel like writing!

6 Journaling hacks for those days you don't feel like writing!

When imagination is poured down on the blank pages one’s creativity gets recognized. For when you write, you are in dialogue with the various absent present characters or issues running in your consciousness. Journaling as a part of the major writing concern increases our awareness of manifesting the exploration of the unknown. With pen and paper in front of you, your ideologies are enveloped into a dreamy sequences of various inspirations. The binary between right or wrong do not come into the scenario, for when you write it’s a continuous thought process of your own mindset.

There are definitely certain days in our lives, when you just don’t feel like writing. The imagination seems to have lost its address and what prevails thereafter, is a distance between your pen and paper. However, the notion of ‘journaling ideas’ doesn’t end here, for these ideas can be changed into the work process at any given time and space. To stop in the middle of a journal is nothing unsubstantial or inexact. For initially, what matters the most is putting the pen to paper and keep alive the ooze once again.



Since ‘life’ is subjective, it is perhaps considered as the root origin of all writings. The building blocks of various relationships acts as a helping hand to set up your writing goal, for it takes into consideration all the minute happenings. Moreover, when we see them on paper it appears more accurate, distinct and embodied.Hence, writing it down day after day gives you a kind of clarified meaning through which you can make your everyday choices in a stable manner.



6 Journaling hacks for those days you don't feel like writing!

This is different from the goal section described above. In a way it is a kind of a constructive approach hinting towards the outcome of how your future life would look like. Since you have enough time in your hands to think about it, the imagination mustn’t stop in between. The bucket list should be tightened up with several questions to keep your illusions alive while you write. Keep imagining the minute contexts like where do you wish to go? What do like to think the most? Where do you dwell? What more do you wish to do?  how to you spend your leisure?  Since its your dream life expand the views in a broader way.




In these dramatic world, intention sets the stage on fire. Its not exactly that we are always ready with our actions and decisions, but rather the situation which compels us to get swayed with our intentions. If we hesitate to write down the in the white pages of our life, someone else will get into our shoes. Intention undoubtedly needs to be more highlighted than exertion, for it is the stepping stone regarding the overall plan out of your day. Either it can be manifested by means of a single word, a trick or a fancy. When questions like by what means, how do you want to twiddle or else the notion of proposal and presentation are highlighted, then the act of intention becomes justifiable on the pages while you write.



 6 Journaling hacks for those days you don't feel like writing!

Sometimes we need to forgive people, just for our own sake so that a better life could be lived without further hindrances. We often hold grudge either on ourselves, or someone who has hurt us, the changing surroundings and the people. The best trick of making this phenomenon work in your writings is to exactly jot down the points regarding what do you actually want to forgive? Once this begins the flow of your journal then words like” apologize”,” fondness”,” forgive” automatically qualifies your taste for writing with emotions like how and why are you feeling this today.



The monotonous life suddenly rejuvenates itself only when we give a chance to our own self to love ourselves. But chances are that we hardly do this on an everyday basis. Therefore, keeping this in mind, write down the things you love the most about yourself. It can be anything starting from your favorite wardrobe collection, to your personality trait, or a memorable incident which gives you immense joy filled with great pride and gusto. These small tasks enhance your journaling ideologies in the best way possible because you are ultimately jotting down your own creation of life.



 6 Journaling hacks for those days you don't feel like writing!

It is always good to remain positive no matter what the situation is. But at times don’t you think being optimism is overrated? So much so that even inspiring quotes at times of failure do not heal to the greater extent as expected.  But there is a way out of it regained through writing. Place the words” believe”, “trust”, “well being”, “progression”, in front of your sentences and see the change within you. This affirmative phrases or words essentially wipes out the negative thought processes and finally your writing puts a permanent stamp worth appreciating.


These are some of the ways to keep the journaling alive. There is no doubt more to it for there is no end to varying ideas. What is most important is simply to write irrespective of the time and space. If perfection seems unworthy opt writing in an imperfect spree. Fetch anything which lies in front of you and make your life no less than a wordsmith every single day.



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