6 lessons a break up teaches us

You’ve spent two wonderful years together. You had met his friends, family and had plans together. All of a sudden, whether it’s you or him who made the decision, you don’t get any text messages, no one is there to take you out, you are on your own. You’ve gone from being his very special one to an ordinary stranger. Breaking up makes you feel fragile and lonely and it also destroys your idealistic vision of love.

Somehow, you’ll get over this relationship and be to start afresh.

Here are six lessons a break-up teaches us:


You need to accept sadness so as to let it go

It’s ok to be sad, to spend evenings crying, eating nothing but ice cream in front of Titanic with your BFF. Eventually, you will be in the mood for dressing up, going out to party or brunch with a bunch of people, and you will smile at this new guy you had never noticed before. Expressing your sadness and crying it out will help you letting it go.

You never are the only one responsible for it

No matter who left who, it was never entirely your fault. What you need to keep in mind when you break-up, no matter what he wants you to believe, is that the two of you are responsible for the situation. Keep it in mind for the next relationship. : talk about your problems and figure out a solution before it is too late

You grow up when you break-up

It is hard, you may feel weak, disappointed, and ashamed … Once you understand it will do nothing but get better, you need to take some time to look back. It’s crazy how much you will learn about yourself doing that: what kind of person you are, what kind of person you need, what are the things you won’t tolerate in a guy. So that next time you meet Prince Charming, you can make it work.

Friends and family are a very valuable type of love

Life is not only about love and romantic relationships. This is something you tend to forget when you are involved with a man. Your whole world is about him and you can’t seem to do anything on your own. It’s time to reconnect with your family and friends and learn to do things without a romantic purpose. It will help you get better and create a healthy environment where you can be independent and have a life of your own.

You can make it on your own

This is one of the most important lessons a break-up teaches you! Your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone. You are the one who decides to be happy. You are the only one who can decide what’s best for you, to set new goals and do everything you can to achieve them. Not the man who’s with you. Who runs your world? You do. Be sure of that.

Real love is unexpected

Searching for love at any cost is useless. Your next love story, be it for a night or your whole life will come as a surprise, you won’t hear it knocking. Stay aware, have fun, enjoy life. Real love will come as a reward.

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