6 reasons why being single rocks!

6 Reasons why being single rocks!

Being happy is being single!

While all your friends might be head over heels in love with their boyfriends, you might be the one listening to their everyday problems and giving them advice. How cool does it feel to be single while your friends are whining over their relationships? Not to mention, the advantages that come with it.

However, it sometimes strikes us like a thorn in our chest, harsh and painful; leaving us feel utterly miserable and lonely. Human desires force a person to be in close acquaintance with another human. Human emotions are such that it persuades a person to socialize, make friends and have someone to love and care. Sexual desires are a completely different phenomenon.

Being single is not all about being lonely. It gives you so much and teaches you so much more. It tells the world that you don’t need someone to be dependent on. You can handle your life singly without needing someone’s help. The sheer happiness of being single, of enjoying your freedom is something that can better be understood by experiencing it.

When you are single,


  • You know yourself

You know what you want in your life. Single life is a life where you contemplate on your past, find your skills and strengthen your weaknesses. It is the time when you reflect back and debate with yourself. You come to know what makes you happy. You have your ‘Me’ time.

  • You appreciate the present

Of course, you cherish memories of the past but you don’t cling to them. Everyday becomes a new day for you and the opportunities that lie ahead excites you. You have an adventurous life waiting to be trekked on with you.


  • You have time to do what you want

People who are in a relationship burn their energy and time for their supposedly other half. Hardly do they get time to pursue their hobbies and achieve their goals. On the contrary, singles can figure out what they want to do. They can enjoy themselves and reach for their visions.

  • You have your family

When you are single, you can devote as much of your time to your family as you wish to. There’s no stress of giving your boyfriend time. And spending time with your family is, in a way relaxing. You come to know what true love is.


  • You can always find your other half

Talking about love, there is no hurry. You have come to know how relationships work by listening to the heart-breaking tales of your friends. In fact, you have listened so much to their problems that they turn to you for advice. In such a case, you are guarded when your time comes to love. You know what is right and wrong, which guy is faking it and which one is honest.


  • You are surrounded by peace and happiness

Single ladies are very much at peace. They radiate with happiness. Why? Because they have freedom and control over themselves. They know themselves pretty well. There is no one to tell them to cut their hair short or eat healthy food or wear  particular kind of clothes or not to talk to so and so person. They can do as they please. And that’s the major source of their happiness!


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